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Altug Kop - Bio

Hi I'm Altug (pronounced Al-too - just ignore the useless G in my name!), owner and main contributor to

Firstly, WELCOME! It's absolutely great to have you here and I thank you for your support of this website. It will continue to grow and improve as long as you are here!

So, a few fun facts about myself..!

altug - build muscle fastI live in sunny old London, England and I've been training in some capacity for about 9 years - I first started when I was around 16 years old.

Although I was a really skinny kid, the reason I truly started training at that age was because I had aspirations at the time to become a pro wrestler rather than for vanity reasons or to feel better about myself.

I was instantly hooked and took measures to make 'fitness' something that I made a career out of (Good thing too because as well as I did at school I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living!)

As skinny as I was, I never really subscribed to the fact that I had 'difficult genes' or that I was a hard gainer. In fact, I didn't even know that they existed! My belief was at the time, and still is that anybody can achieve the body they wanted. Although I'm always striving for improvement in my physique, I have proven that the only limiting factor in achieving our goals are ourselves as my pictures show.

altug - lose weight fastI've been an Advanced Level 3 (currently working towards becoming a Level 4 cardiac health coach) instructor here in the U.K for the past 7 years and you can check me out by typing my name on the Register of Exercise Professionals (

I've enjoyed being a Personal Trainer, a studio class teacher and a Fitness Manager in those 7 years as well as having completed many more courses and training that I've been fortunate enough to attend.

My own training over the years has consisted of Random Training (That's what I call the headless chicken style training I did with my friend when I was 16 haha), Strength training, Hypertrophy (muscle building) training, Fat Loss training and Sport Specific training (Boxing and Wrestling). So I'm pretty well versed in a variety of different training phases. (The pictures show some of my phases. The one on the left was me training for boxing - I only weighed 147lbs! The picture below was when I was training for power, strength and size.)

altug kop - build muscle fastMy goal within this website is simply to help people like you! If you're reading this right now then I'm pretty confident that I can help you. Not only with your exercise goals and all the technical stuff that goes with it but also the most important thing of all - Your motivation, your beliefs and goal setting. These powerful tools, if you can master them can change your life and that's no exaggeration.

I've never been a guy who enjoyed freaking my clients out with insane scientific knowledge that is pure alien speak to other human beings, but rather somebody who can explain the science and break it down into simple, easy to understand terms. That is exactly what you'll find here on Having the knowledge is great - Knowing how to apply it to a person so that they can understand it and achieve their goal is invaluable. Unfortunately most trainers I've met don't have that skill regardless of what level they are qualified.

Bottom line? I made this site to support you on your way to achieving your end result - all whilst enjoying your journey there and hopefully making exercise a habit for life.

altug kop - lose weight fast
In closing, I hope that you find my site enjoyable and informative. I will go out of my way to cover all of the important things that are involved in your quest to build muscle fast or lose weight fast.

Finally remember that everything I write is an opinion of mine based on experience with myself, clients, knowledge and my own research. One thing you'll realise fast in the fitness industry is that there is a lot of conflicting information and that EVERYONE has an opinion.

In the end, the most important thing is that the training suits your lifestyle and you know why you're doing it with an end goal in mind. That way you will most definitely end up as one of the small percentage of people who actually reach their goals! (Only 5% in the U.K! That's an alarming statistic!)

With that I'll leave you with a famous quote from Malcolm Forbes -

"Want to be successful?...Just try hard enough"

It's as simple as that with fitness goals once you have the knowledge and understand exactly why you want to achieve your goal.

Train well and enjoy yourselves

Your friend and coach

Altug Kop

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