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Best Way To Build Muscle

So, what is the best way to build muscle? This a question that has been bugging every so-called expert, scientist and average Joe.

I get asked this question ALL the time in my gym from hopeful young guys with dreams of getting big.

The truth? I’ve said this before and I’ll definitely say it again..I know it’s a dissapointing answer but..there is no BEST way to build muscle!!

However, the great news is that you can take steps and do some things to consistently have you seeing gains!

Granted, there are certainly “recommended guidelines” that you can follow and when I was getting my education we were always taught,

“If your goal is hypertrophy (to build muscle), then you should aim for 8-12 repetitions for each set with around 12-16 sets per body part”

Do you know how many people I’ve met that have got great gains and don’t train within those guidelines? Absolutely tons!

Why is this?

Well, many reasons – The first and most important is probably genetics. You have some guys that can come into a gym, use the worst technique you’ve ever seen, select the worst exercises for muscle growth and then leave the gym looking like they have a million dollar physique!

Most of us aren’t so lucky – Our genetics aren’t as good and we need to work harder and do more things right.

Genetics also means that our individual bodies have different types of muscle fibers in them. I will just discuss the two main types because I don’t want to get all scientific on you!

For the purpose of this article, our body has Fast Twitch muscle fibers and Slow Twitch muscle fibers.

Now some people have a higher ratio of one type of muscle fiber compared with the other.

The people with predominently fast twitch muscle fibers are the muscular sprinters – The individuals with slow twitch are the ethiopian champion long distance runners.

You see the difference? No prizes for the person who can guess which type of muscle fiber is preferable if you want to build muscle!

So can those that have mainly slow twitch fibers ever get bigger? Good news..Yes they absolutely can!


Following these 4 simple steps :-

1)Nutrition – Absolutely key. If you’re not taking in enough protein or calories, you’re seriously hurting your gains, especially if you have a fast metabolism.

2) Training – Like I said, I believe there is no best way to build muscle. I agree with a strength and conditioning coach called Charles Poliquin. He says, “Any workout is effective provided it is done with sufficient intensity for the few weeks it takes for your body to adapt to it”

So, as you can see our body is fantastic at adapting to help us survive! Imagine we followed the guidelines for muscle building week in and week out? 8-12 reps, 12-16 sets. Eventually your body would adapt. Progression is needed to keep growing! THAT IS THE SECRET.

3) Recovery – You grow outside of the gym!! Remember that – More is not always better in the muscle building world – If you overtrain you will get weaker and never give your muscles a chance to grow. Nutrition is also a big part of recovery as well as having enough days rest between workouts.

Track Your Progress – Write down everything you do, simple! Why? Can you remember exactly what weight, sets and reps you did for each exercise by the time next week comes around? Now times that by 3-5 and you definitely won’t remember and therefore you may not progress. Surprising how many people don’t do this!

So, now that you know the best way to build muscle – Go and DO IT! Take action, have patience and enjoy the growth! Don’t tell anyone our muscle building “secret”! 😉

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