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RULE 5 – Progress and Body Adaptation to Exercise – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

RULE 5 – Progress and Body Adaptation to Exercise

Hey and Welcome to the final day of my5 Rules About Muscle Building and Fat Loss course.

By now you should have a solid base of information and the only thing left after today is to take some action! Unless you haven’t yet been through Rule 1 – Goal Setting, Rule 2 – Workouts, Rule 3 – Nutrition and Rule 4 – Measuring and Tracking

Todays material is about :

Progression of your Training + Muscle and Metabolic Adaptation of the Body

Again, this is something that is mega important and will make the difference between you getting results or staying right where you are.

First of all let’s talk about why we need to progress.

Why do we need to progress our workouts?

Well, the human body is a very clever machine – A machine that has one main aim and that is to SURVIVE.

It wants to do this in the most comfortable manner possible. It does NOT like being taken out of it’s comfort zone.

On a side note, the body is very comfortable storing fat as it is a very energy dense nutrient. (9 calories per gram as opposed to 4 calories for protein and carbs) It would rather keep hold of fat as the body considers it a survival tool!

Same with muscle – The body does not like muscle! Having more muscle means that the body must burn more calories! Again, it does not want to do that! Our body would much rather save those calories for an emergency.

We need to convince our body that it doesn’t need fat/needs to grow or hold on to muscle.

How do we do this? Cue progression!

When we exercise for the first time, the body is thinking “Whoa! What are you doing to me?? I don’t want to feel like this again!”

The body then takes steps to make sure that it doesn’t feel like that again – Either by building stronger muscle or burning fat/making you fitter. This is called adaptation.

So, if you go back the following week and do exactly the same workout, your body will not struggle as much as it did the last time.

This is good, right? Not necessarily — If the body is used to the demand that you are putting on it, what reason will your body have to change? None what so ever!

This is where progression comes in.

If every week your body is thinking “Hey! This is tough!”, it will consistently take steps to change (inside and outside!)

Let’s start with fat loss. If you want to lose fat, you’ll need to keep increasing your intensity to make your body shift the fat. Doing this will increase your metabolism and the calories you burn every day.

This can be done in many ways :

  • Increasing the duration (time) of the exercise
  • the level/incline/intensity/speed
  • Differing your training method or exercises are some of the ways this can be


If you want to build muscle, you will need to “damage” your muscle to the point that the body is forced to repair them so that they are bigger and stronger to withstand the demand of your next workout.

Idea’s for progressions you should be making weekly while training for muscle size are :

  • increasing weights
  • increasing sets
  • decreasing rest periods between sets
  • increasing or decreasing reps (dependant on weight) etc


Remember, you just need to change ONE of the variables above to ensure that the body forces itself to progress.

On a final and most important note, after around 4-6 weeks of the same training method, the body will have “adapted” and you will hit a wall and find it hard to progress.

It would then be a good time to change your training style and method completely for another 4-6 weeks so that you have a fresh new platform to progress from. It also keeps boredom at bay..who wants to do the same exercises and workouts week in week out, right?

This is usually why I recommend a complete program such as Vince Delmonte’s Muscle Building Program if muscle building is your thang! Or Mike Gearys “Truth About Abs Fat Loss Program” for the most awesome fat loss program online!


As we come to the end of our course I’d like to thank you very much for reading – I sincerely hope it has been helpful in giving you a head start towards your goals and I will be sure to let you know of anything that may help you to achieve your goals in future newsletters!

You now have a good base of knowledge – Why not make your next step to take some action and start achieving your goals?

1) Seriously consider getting yourself a complete program!

You can either finish this course and go off like a headless chicken looking for workouts, diet plans etc and make all of the mistakes under the sun


You can get a structured and proven plan of action. Do you want to start seeing results today or are you not too bothered? I assume my readers are action takers..so if you want to change your life today, grab a complete program such as Vince Delmonte’s Muscle Building Program if muscle building is your thang! Or Mike Gearys “Truth About Abs Fat Loss Program” for the most awesome fat loss program online!

2) Follow your plan, FOCUS and Take Action!

That is all you need to do to start seeing results from today!

If you ever have any questions or need any help, Follow me on Twitter or leave a comment on my blog! If you leave a comment I can help everybody who might have had the same question as you..plus it’s more sociable, right? 🙂

To your continuing success

your friend,

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