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Eric Helms Interview

So, I’m sitting there this fine morning enjoying my bowl of Peanut Butter Cheerio’s when, as always seems to be the case lately, I see yet another misguided post about IIFYM (If it Fits Your Macro’s) or the term I prefer for it, “Flexible Dieting”.. Where do I start on the sheer misinformation contained in the posts I’ve seen posted …

Broscience vs Science – Who’s Side Are You On?

The landscape of fitness lately is moving along faster than I can ever remember. So fast, in fact, that today it serves as my inspiration for the content of this post. With us now knowing more and more (or at least we think) about the human body than we ever have in the past, you’d think this would serve as …


10 Things I Learned About Competing as a Male Fitness Model

So, I just completed my journey towards becoming a competitive male fitness model and placed 4th out of 12 at the Miami Pro Championships on April 1st 2012 in my very first fitness competition. It’s a couple of months after the show and upon reflection, I want to share with you some of ┬áthe valuable lessons that I learned during …


What is Your Goal?


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