The Top 4 Fitness Books and Programs

muscle building programsIt’s not exactly a secret that the health and fitness industry is one of the most misleading and misinforming markets – Fitness books, supplements, pills, programs etc you name it and they are normally designed part you from your cash without actually help you getting any closer to your goals.

This means that you’ll go back into your pocket and fork over some more cash for the next big fitness’s a neverending cycle. Luckily there are some good guys in this industry who ARE more interested in seeing you succeed and ARE more interested in helping you achieve your goals.

As a personal trainer myself, I get sick to death of misinformation and misleading products that give consumers false hope of a quick fix, which is why on my blog site you’ll never see me endorsing these embaressing products like most people online.

Out of interest, I’ve created a list of online fitness books and programs that I’ve personally reviewed and found to be the best. Hopefully this list helps you to see what fitness books are the hidden gems!

Before we start I’ve ranked these in order of the best FITNESS books. “Fitness” to me embodies every aspect of health. Such as cardiovascular health, muscular health, nutrition, exercise, stretching…everything. The whole package. Therefore, these rankings are based on the programs that encompass all of these aspects!

1) Mike Geary – The Truth About Abs

truth about abs reviewThe king of online fitness programs! Although the title of this fitness book may lead you to believe that it focuses on only one aspect of fitness – abs – This could be nothing further than the truth..and the truth is that this is probably the most complete and far-reaching fitness book online that I’ve read. By far-reaching, I mean that the information is useful to almost every member of the public who wants to get fit and healthy.

Contained within the program is theory, nutrition, diet plans, effective exercises that can be done in a gym as well as at home, exercise pictures etc. It is a complete lifestyle guide and I would recommend this to males or females, young or old who want to get fit permanently. The most important thing in this book is that the information is all true and proven to give results. I use these methods myself and on clients with GREAT results.

You can check out the Truth About Abs Book <– Here


You can find my detailed and honest Truth About Abs Review <– here

2) Vince Delmontes – My Six Pack Quest

your 6 pack questWhat is it with the authors and their obsessions with abs and six packs eh? Well, normally it’s because a great set of washboard abs go hand in hand with overall fitness. (not always mind you..some people have genetically great abs but are unhealthy on the inside).

Vince Delmonte, famous author of the best selling muscle building program No Nonsense Muscle Building , really hits the ball way out of the park with this fitness program. This book takes care of every aspect of fitness including fat loss, workouts, theory and nutrition. Not to mention you have an exercise database which is real handy.

But again, if the information wasn’t correct information then what would be the point? After a thorough reading of My Six Pack Quest, I can assure you that there is no need to worry. The info contained in this online fitness book is both effective and priceless.

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3) Vince Delmontes – No Nonsense Muscle Building and Fat Loss Upgrade Package

no nonsense muscle buildingLooks like Vince Delmonte gets a double listing in my top 5 list and for good reason. His No Nonsense Muscle Building e-book may not appeal to everybody but take the upgrade package and you now have one of the most complete fitness programs online!

Females shouldn’t be put off either. EVERYBODY should be using weights in their workouts whether it is to burn fat or build muscle. This is another dirty secret that the fitness industry has – Putting females off of weight training because they fear getting bigger. Trust me, you will NOT get bigger..only curvier and sexier because it is muscles that give you that toned look that everybody is after..

This program includes everything from workouts, theory, stretches, diet plans, nutritional information, exercise databases and a whole heap more. This program has it all but it also comes in a bit pricier than the other fitness books. However it is still the price of a months membership at most gyms and you get a more than one fitness ebook with this program so the value here is incredible.

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Read my honest and thorough Vince Delmonte Review of the No Nonsense Muscle Building and Fat Loss Package

4) The Diet Solution Program by Isobel De La Rios

the diet solution program reviewA fantastic lifestyle program by Isobel who you’ll see is clearly passionate about her role as a nutritionist after reading her amazingly detailed program.

She goes into lots of detail about body types and figuring out your metabolism – It almost feels like a personalised program by the author herself! Great value because she provides you with over 6 fitness books online as part of her program! There is no way you would get this much value in a book store.

The only thing that let’s this program down is the lack of exercise advice when compared to the other programs.

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So those are my top 4 fitness books but what do YOU think? Do you agree? Disagree? Why? Write your comments below – Let’s talk!

Until next time, stay safe and train hard!


Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

So you’ve landed on this page looking for a Muscle Gaining Secrets review? This E-program has been gaining a lot of momentum and popularity in the muscle building niche but if you’ve read any of my other reviews, you know I’m going to cut through all of the crap you might have read about this program online.

muscle gaining secrets reviewTaking a look around at all of the other reviews of products online and it seems apparent to me that most websites just want to make commisions out of you without ever having read the product in the first place. It’s a joke – I’m probably one of the only honest reviewers left out there as my reputation to my visitors means a lot to me – So you should know that I am simply going to lay it out on the table for you and tell it how it is.

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I will NEVER review a program unless I’ve read and looked at it – It’s just common sense. If I can analyze a product, then I can give you most honest review I can. So I contacted Jason Ferrugia as I always contact authors to ask if I could write a Muscle Gaining Secrets review for the readers on my authority fitness website. After I proved to him that I was the owner of the site, he gladly sent me a review copy of his program. His communication was FAST and I’m always impressed when somebody is willing to let me review a product. It shows CONFIDENCE in that persons product.

You’ll be amazed at how many times authors don’t bother to reply to me..and some programs don’t even have any contact information! Well that tells me that their programs are not worth it as who wouldn’t want free exposure on an authority fitness website that can get up to 1000 visitors a day??

Ok so with all of that out of the way, here is my no B.S, detailed review of Jason Ferrugia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets program – I disect the program chapter by chapter so let’s see if this muscle building program passes my strict test..

The Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Jason introduces himself and the reasons he got started with training. He then goes on to tell you what you can expect from his guide and what it will do for you. He seems to have a no B.S approach which I like. Let’s see if the rest of the book is good for muscle building..

Chapter 2 – The Everlasting Bond

Jason continues with his no B.S attitude which is quite refreshing – He is definitely a bit more hardcore in his teaching style than the other muscle building programs out there. However, I thought this chapter didn’t really need to be given a dedicated section. It’s more motivation based and him telling you his attitude towards training and how yours should be. Didn’t need an entire chapter in my opinion.

Chapter 3 – The Importance of Physical Strength

Another chapter where Jason gets straight to the point and tells you his opinion on why strength is so important for being a man and building muscle. Although again, I thought he didn’t need to give it an entire section. He could easily have merged chapters 2 and 3 together. Hoping there’s more meat to come further in the book.

Chapter 4 – Jason essentially discusses the meaning for progressive overload in this chapter which is an important factor for building muscle!

Chapter 5 – The 7 Critical Factors

Now we’re talking! This chapter contains a lot of meat and Jason takes you through the crucial principles you’ll be using to build slabs of muscle. The theory is solid here and can tell you that it all works and may even surprise many of you if you’ve been reading your typical bodybuilding magazines (that are designed to keep you small by the way!). This is a long chapter but a worthwhile one!

Chapters 6 through to 10 – Bodypart Training

Jason dedicates a chapter to each bodypart here and explains what exercises to do for maximum benefit. He also goes into detail about technique and what you should be feeling for each exercise.

Very useful and detailed chapters to get your knowledge up – Make sure you check out the exercise database included with your order before attempting these exercises though for pictures on how the exercises should look like!

Chapter 11 – Fascial Stretching

I’m glad Jason included this as a chapter because I haven’t seen it in anybody elses muscle building programs. Jay explains how to stretch out the fascia of the muscle to explode your muscle growth. You don’t want to miss this chapter.

Chapter 12 – Putting it all Together

Jason provides his muscle building workouts in this chapter..this is the section where your training starts! He also answers commonly asked questions in this chapter. You will also get a seperate book dedicated to progressive workouts so that your results never stop. This is a nice addition and Jason continues to explain things in his no B.S manner which is a rarity online!

Chapter 13 – Intensity

Training to failure is mostly the topic in this chapter. A good one but again one that I feel could have been incorporated into another chapter. I guess more chapters look better to readers. Still good information though.

Chapter 14 – Recover Methods

Well Jason certainly makes up for the last chapter with an outstandin chapter here where he points out LOADS of recovery methods and explains them at length. This is an extremely important aspect of muscle building so don’t skip this chapter!

Chapter 15 – Mass Building Nutrition

I like Jason’s approach to mass building, especially if you’re a skinny guy. Too many times I see guys trying to hit just the right amount of calories but not gaining any muscle. Jay’s approach is like mine – Eat like a horse. Then experiment for optimal results..If you start building muscle, carry on doing what you’re doing. If you start gaining a bit of fat, cut down on the calories or change the ratio of proteins/carbs/fats. Another chapter where his no B.S attitude shines through.

Jason actually knocks this chapter way out of the park – The information he provides is above and beyond what many muscle building programs offer. He gives sample diets (although you get bonus meal plans with the package from 2000 calories all the way up to 6000 calories!), talks about types of foods, their benefits and/or disadvantages and then talks about other special diet methods that allow people to stay extremely lean whilst building slabs of mass. Another unmissable chapter.

Chapter 16 – 19 Training Partners, Music, Q + A and Conclusion

I’ve grouped these chapters together because again they’re not the most valuable chapters. Training partners basically covers the importance of a highly motivated and intense training partner. Jason talks about an amusing story with him and his brother (also training partner). Music again isn’t the most valuable chapter as most people have different taste in music and won’t care about Jason’s music list. Q + A is a solid chapter where he answers tons of questions he’s been asked over the years about training and his program.

The conclusion basically ends where the book starts – A story about his strongman uncle and how he managed to make him proud. It’s a pretty feel good ending but again something that won’t provide that much value to readers who just want information. Although, it should leave you motivated at the end of reading a pretty solid program.

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So What’s the Final Verdict on the Muscle Gaining Secrets Review?

Well it started off with a bit of fluff in the first couple of chapters and I thought “here we go again”..but the further you go on the more you realise Jason knows his stuff. His passion shines through in his no B.S attitude which almost makes him come accross as an A-Hole at times but you’ll understand that this attitude is developed due to frustration of trainee’s being mislead by magazines and the desire to help people. I should know..I have a similar attitude when it comes to training. “Go hard or go home”.

The program is packed to the rafters with cutting edge information that you won’t find in magazines…simply because Jason isn’t selling you anything else like the magazines are. You’ve bought his program and I got the sense from reading it that he feels a duty to deliver and help you reach your goals. Not promote supplements. In fact he barely covers the topic!

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the muscle gaining secrets program if your goal is to pack on as much muscle as humanely possible. It’s a toss up between this program and the No Nonsense Muscle Building program..but if you want a no B.S, easy to follow and implement guide to building muscle fast then Jason’s is the program to go for! (that’s not to say Vince’s is B.S by any means)

I hope that this Muscle Gaining Secrets review was useful to you and that it’s helped you make a conscious decision to start changing your physique and life for the better..starting now!

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The Truth About Abs Review

So today you’re looking to find a Truth About Abs review? Good because again, if you’ve read any of my other reviews you know that I’m not about to B.S you like most of the other fake reviews online.

As you probably already know most of the reviews online just want a quick commision out of you so they’ll throw up a half-baked review when they haven’t even read the book in the first place. I can’t even begin to tell you how many Truth About Abs reviews I’ve seen online that actually have nothing to do with the book!
truth about abs review
I don’t work that way – I make sure I review every product personally. For example when I heard all the fuss and hype about The Truth About Abs program I wanted to see whether there was any substance to it.

This program tops the online “fitness” category as the most popular program online by a long shot. Of course this could just mean lots of people are promoting it – It doesn’t necessarily correlate to the quality of the program.

Intrigued about this program and wanting to give an honest review to benefit my readers I got in touch with Mike, the owner of Truth About Abs and asked if I could review his program. This is always my first test because if somebody is confident about their program then why wouldn’t they want it reviewed on a website that currently gets 20’000 page views a month? It would be extra exposure for them. (you’ll be surprised at how many programs don’t respond!)

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Well, after proving that I was the owner of this website, Mike responded promptly and personally with a review copy of his E-program. Well, he passed the first test but let’s see if his program could pass me with my B.S radar on full beam.

As a trainer in the U.K certified on the highest level of the register of exercise professionals, I always keep my eyes peeled for any bogus claims in any Ebook’s or programs claimed to be written by experts.

So, let’s take a look at how this program sizes up in my honest, no nonsense Truth About Abs review :

What is the Truth About Abs Program?

It is exactly what it says on the tin. A book that claims to tell you the truth about getting lean and burning body fat. Inside the program you will find theory, nutrition, diet plans, exercise plans, exercises pictures and other stuff that I’ll go into much more detail about further down.

What Do You Get?

Inside the members area you get the main program ebook which is 140 pages long. You also get 3 other bonus ebooks about exercise and nutrition. Overall, it for the amount of stuff you get it appears to be very good value..but is it just filler or does this program contain actually contain some substance?

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So Give me Your Truth About Abs review – What’s the Verdict? Good, Bad or Ugly?

Ok let me break it down and cut the crap. Here is my verdict, chapter by chapter. Unfortunately there isn’t a contents page which makes things a little more difficult but chapters are numbered and organised well so here we go.

1 – Intro : Gives a bit of background about himself and talks about the biggest misconceptions about losing fat and getting visible abdominals. I like his “layman” approach as I can’t stand those trainers who try to talk themselves up by using fancy lingo. Sometimes I think they forget they’re talking to another human. Mike doesn’t do this, so this is a good start. Still, nothing groundbreaking here so far.

2 – Relative Leaness or Bodyfat : Mike dispels an important myth here about gaining those elusive abdominals. A short but effective chapter.

3 – Starting Point : A chapter about motivation and belief. Not a “sexy” topic but an extremely important one. Glad to see that Mike included this chapter.

4 – Importance of Diet : This section is broken down into sub-sections because obviously nutrition is a huge topic and Mike covers it well. I like that he talks about nutrition more simply than in other programs I’ve read (such as The Diet Solution). I believe the average Joe will have no trouble understand what he is saying. Even if you just read and digest every part of this chapter you’ll be well on your way to burning loads of fat pretty quickly. Diet plans are also included in this section

If I had to moan I’d say that it dragged on a little. He occasionally goes into “fluff” territory where he starts talking about things I feel weren’t as important for the user to know. However, maybe that’s because I already know this stuff. You may find it useful.

5 – Safe and Effective Abdominal Development : Probably the section you’re most interested in, right. How to get those abs. Again this section is broken down into sub-chapters. First Mike talks about the anatomy of the abs, then talks about how to train them correctly and effectively, then to finish off he provides about a bazillion ab exercises for you to choose from with pictures. (Don’t worry he doesn’t recommend you do them all..I would have called the book useless if he recommended that).

A well-written chapter which leaves nothing to the imagination. Full pictures are included to make sure you are doing the exercises safely and effectively. Just don’t get overwhelmed with the amount of exercises offered.

6 – Lean Body Mass and Metabolic Rate : Explains the relationship between how much lean body mass you are carrying and your metabolism. A simple chapter really. Also shows you how to calculate your metabolic rate. Pretty simple stuff but important if you don’t know about it already.

7 – Metabolic Effect Of Training : Explains how different types of training effect your metabolism. This section will also surprise you if you weren’t aware of what Mike is talking about. Nothing ground-breaking here but chances are if you’ve been brainwashed by the media or old school methods of training, this section will open your eyes to the truth.

8 – Free Weights Or Machines : Didn’t really need it’s own section. Could have incorporated it within another chapter.

9 – The Problem with Cardio and My Solution : A solid chapter which again will probably leave you wide-eyed thinking “What?? I was never told or taught that?”. Mike dispels more myths here and gives you effective solutions. This section alone will flip the switch on your fat burning!

10 – Frequency and Duration of Training Sessions : Another chapter that probably could have been merged with another chapter. The info is solid but in my opinion it didn’t need it’s own chapter.

11 – Putting it All Together into an Effective Training Routine : This is another longer chapter that is broken down into sub-headings. This is quite an important chapter so pay attention to it as it shows you how to put your training routine together and offers you sample plans and exercises. This is where you will find lots of important full-body exercises pictured and explained to you. Take Note : This chapter is MORE important than the ab training chapter. This is the chapter that will allow you to burn more fat so that you can SEE your abs.

Bodyweight routines are also offered for those who don’t have access to a gym.

12 – Additional Lean Body Tips : Important little tips that you should take on board to maximize your fat loss. In fact I’d say some of these are so important he should have mentioned them in the “diet” area. Or further up in the book rather than leave them at the end where people might skip them. (Don’t skip any of this book if you want best results)

13 + 14 – FAQ’s and Final Thoughts : These are just a collaboration of the questions Mike has been asked over time and has included the answers in the ebook. In the final thought’s he passes the knowledge in to your hands and tells you to take action.

Overall Verdict on my Truth About Abs Review

I must say before I wrote this Truth About Abs review I was very skeptical. I didn’t think it would be much more than an over-advertised, over-promoted and over-hyped program. There are so many out there, trust me on that one.

I was pleasantly surprised that Mike overdelivered with The Truth About Abs. I found myself quite frequently saying “Exactly….Exactly” in agreement when i was reading through his book. So it is quite obvious that he is a certified Personal trainer and nutritionist. He looks the part too.

With the knowledge you gain in this ebook, you’ll have all the tools to burn fat fast and see those abs whether you’re a male or female. But, if you’re not interested in taking action then this book is not for you and I wouldn’t bother recommending it. Like Mike says at the end, “It’s in your hands now”.

It’s up to you, do you want to make that change? If so, after my Truth About Abs Review, I’d highly recommend checking out the program now HERE.

The Diet Solution Program Review – A Solution or a Scam?

the diet solution program reviewSo, as you’ve landed on this page I see you’re looking for The Diet Solution Program review.

Let me just be frank with you straight away, in my reviews I cut through all of the rubbish you may have heard about products online so far.

Truth is, good luck finding an honest, unbiased review online these days. The only thing people are interested in is promoting bogus products that make the reviewer big commisions when you buy the product.

My reviews will ALWAYS be beneficial, honest and help you to make up your mind about a certain program. In this case, The Diet Solution Program review.

So without any more waiting, let me tell you how it is with The Diet Solution Program.

What is The Diet Solution Program?

The diet solution program is a program written by Isabel De Los Rios who has made astounding losses in fat and transformed her body. To be quite honest, I thought from the sales page that it would be another fad diet and anybody who knows me knows how much I hate fad diets! Maybe I’m just too much of a skeptic..(you kinda need to be online)

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At the moment, this program actually sits at number 1 in the health and fitness category at Clickbank – Which makes it the highest selling diet program online. Pretty impressive but to me all that could mean is that there are a lot of people promoting and advertising the product. (Again, the skeptic in me – I’ve seen too many crap diet programs!)

Well, anyway the curiosity got the better of me and an initial test I always perform to see whether a company is confident in their product is email the owner. I emailed Isabel and gave her my website and proved to her that I owned it. I then asked if she would be willing to let me review The Diet Solution and post it up on my website..To my surprise, she got back to me within 48 hours and said she’d love for me to review it and sent the program over to me.

You should have seen the surprise on my face – This showed me that she was pretty confident in her program so I got straight to work in picking apart the information.

So before I continue, you can see I’ve actually accessed this program so I’m not about to spout a bunch of B.S to you. My reputation is worth more than that. So let’s take a look in detail at the program.

What Do You Get?

Well, once you buy the program you’re taken to your membership page where you get access to an impressive 10 E-books on various nutrition topics such as diet plans, recipes and the main theory book – you can get started right away.

The Main Ebook – The Diet Solution Program Review

Ok so I started off with the main book and it was a whooping 102 pages long. It’s split into 2 parts with 16 chapters altogether.

The Positives :

  • VERY detailed book – It leaves nothing to the imagination. You can tell Isabel is well into her job as a nutritionist.
  • Isobel talks about things like Metabolism types, how foods effect individuals etc It’s very individualised and if
  • you can’t lose weight based on her advice you’re doing something seriously wrong
  • You are actually allowed to eat! I was worried this book would be another fad diet but it turned out it isn’t you’ll be glad to know.

The Bad :

  • Sometimes Isabel goes into too much detail. Some things didn’t need to be in there and I would consider certain pages in the book to be “fluff”
  • She recommends EVERYTHING organic. This won’t be possible for some people due to cost/availability. However, she does offer ways around this so fair play to her

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What About the Other Books?

Basically all of the other books are branches off of the main ebook. Here is a short review of each one.the diet solution review

Quick Start Guide – This book is pretty good and gives you the option to skip the main manual to get started straight away (although I’d recommend reading the full might learn something new)

14 Days to a Sexy Body – A short guide to dropping quick weight in 14 days. I don’t like the title of this’s misleading and somebody extremely overweight isn’t going to have a sexy body in 14 days no matter how you spin it. The guide gives a 2 week low calorie meal plan and explains why it works. Content is good but the title is not.

Metabolism Type Test – An important book! This is what Isabel talks about in the main book and you need to do this to make sure you know your metabolism type and achieve success. This is crucial to your success.

Success Journal – Literally that..a journal where you keep tabs on yourself. A motivational tool. It is what it is – A journal..I don’t really have an opinion on it

Recipes – Now we’re getting to the books I would start to call “bonuses”. This is a book of fun recipes to keep your eating habits fun. Some good idea’s in here

Meal Plans – Handy if you want to follow plans already done for you rather than construct your own

Food Shopping Guide – Another non-essential book I’d call a “bonus”. Good advice for finding the foods you need but again nothing essential here.

Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes Keeping You Fat – Quite an eye-opener this book. Could be some things you know or you could learn something new.

7 Day Back Pain Cure – This was an extra bonus that I didn’t take a peek at as it was nothing to do with the diet solution. But those who suffer from back pain may find it useful

So there you have it! The Diet Solution Program review…but how does it fare overall?

The Diet Solution Program Review Overall Verdict

I enjoyed reading this book and it is VERY detailed. Even though the book is written for the masses, it helps you to individualise everything for your personal success. I found that most impressive. If you can’t lose weight after reading this you either didn’t follow the program or you need to visit the doctor to get your thyroid checked! (Don’t ask me how fast you can lose the weight on this program – That part is up to you and I’m not into hype but 1-2lbs of fat a week is feasable and safe.)

The biggest surprise for me was that it doesn’t taboo any foods or get users to follow a strict single track diet. It acknowledges that everybody has a different body type and therefore this will work for everyone.

On the flip side, I thought the main ebook contained a lot of filler especially when isabel explains the foods to avoid etc. Sometimes she goes into “storytelling” mode and I’d rather it was kept more short and to the point.

The other small gripe I have is that it should have contained some exercise information too, which is almost as important as nutrition for losing weight from fat and retaining your muscle tissue. However, I understand that exercise isn’t her field so we can’t have it all.

If you did want a program that covers nutrition AND exercise in great depth then I’d opt for The Truth About Abs by Mike Geary instead (Although his nutrition section is less detailed than The Diet Solution..but I’d recommend it if you want more simplified instructions rather than scientific speak. Depends on your preference – You’ll lose weight with either program if you follow their instructions)

This doesn’t really detract from a great program though and as far as a dieting program goes, this one definitely earns its spot as the best selling diet program online.

I hope that you’ve found my The Diet Solution Program review useful and that it genuinely helped you make your mind up about whether to purchase or not.

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