The Top 4 Fitness Books and Programs

muscle building programsIt’s not exactly a secret that the health and fitness industry is one of the most misleading and misinforming markets – Fitness books, supplements, pills, programs etc you name it and they are normally designed part you from your cash without actually help you getting any closer to your goals.

This means that you’ll go back into your pocket and fork over some more cash for the next big fitness’s a neverending cycle. Luckily there are some good guys in this industry who ARE more interested in seeing you succeed and ARE more interested in helping you achieve your goals.

As a personal trainer myself, I get sick to death of misinformation and misleading products that give consumers false hope of a quick fix, which is why on my blog site you’ll never see me endorsing these embaressing products like most people online.

Out of interest, I’ve created a list of online fitness books and programs that I’ve personally reviewed and found to be the best. Hopefully this list helps you to see what fitness books are the hidden gems!

Before we start I’ve ranked these in order of the best FITNESS books. “Fitness” to me embodies every aspect of health. Such as cardiovascular health, muscular health, nutrition, exercise, stretching…everything. The whole package. Therefore, these rankings are based on the programs that encompass all of these aspects!

1) Mike Geary – The Truth About Abs

truth about abs reviewThe king of online fitness programs! Although the title of this fitness book may lead you to believe that it focuses on only one aspect of fitness – abs – This could be nothing further than the truth..and the truth is that this is probably the most complete and far-reaching fitness book online that I’ve read. By far-reaching, I mean that the information is useful to almost every member of the public who wants to get fit and healthy.

Contained within the program is theory, nutrition, diet plans, effective exercises that can be done in a gym as well as at home, exercise pictures etc. It is a complete lifestyle guide and I would recommend this to males or females, young or old who want to get fit permanently. The most important thing in this book is that the information is all true and proven to give results. I use these methods myself and on clients with GREAT results.

You can check out the Truth About Abs Book <– Here


You can find my detailed and honest Truth About Abs Review <– here

2) Vince Delmontes – My Six Pack Quest

your 6 pack questWhat is it with the authors and their obsessions with abs and six packs eh? Well, normally it’s because a great set of washboard abs go hand in hand with overall fitness. (not always mind you..some people have genetically great abs but are unhealthy on the inside).

Vince Delmonte, famous author of the best selling muscle building program No Nonsense Muscle Building , really hits the ball way out of the park with this fitness program. This book takes care of every aspect of fitness including fat loss, workouts, theory and nutrition. Not to mention you have an exercise database which is real handy.

But again, if the information wasn’t correct information then what would be the point? After a thorough reading of My Six Pack Quest, I can assure you that there is no need to worry. The info contained in this online fitness book is both effective and priceless.

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3) Vince Delmontes – No Nonsense Muscle Building and Fat Loss Upgrade Package

no nonsense muscle buildingLooks like Vince Delmonte gets a double listing in my top 5 list and for good reason. His No Nonsense Muscle Building e-book may not appeal to everybody but take the upgrade package and you now have one of the most complete fitness programs online!

Females shouldn’t be put off either. EVERYBODY should be using weights in their workouts whether it is to burn fat or build muscle. This is another dirty secret that the fitness industry has – Putting females off of weight training because they fear getting bigger. Trust me, you will NOT get bigger..only curvier and sexier because it is muscles that give you that toned look that everybody is after..

This program includes everything from workouts, theory, stretches, diet plans, nutritional information, exercise databases and a whole heap more. This program has it all but it also comes in a bit pricier than the other fitness books. However it is still the price of a months membership at most gyms and you get a more than one fitness ebook with this program so the value here is incredible.

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4) The Diet Solution Program by Isobel De La Rios

the diet solution program reviewA fantastic lifestyle program by Isobel who you’ll see is clearly passionate about her role as a nutritionist after reading her amazingly detailed program.

She goes into lots of detail about body types and figuring out your metabolism – It almost feels like a personalised program by the author herself! Great value because she provides you with over 6 fitness books online as part of her program! There is no way you would get this much value in a book store.

The only thing that let’s this program down is the lack of exercise advice when compared to the other programs.

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So those are my top 4 fitness books but what do YOU think? Do you agree? Disagree? Why? Write your comments below – Let’s talk!

Until next time, stay safe and train hard!


Britney Spears Ab Workout

britney spears ab workoutWhen Britney Spears is in shape, one of her best features is her sculpted and toned stomach. So, it’s no surprise then to hear that she works extremely hard to get to into this shape but what may come as a surprise to most is the simplicity of Britney Spears ab workout

This is because a common misconception is that ab training “gives” you abs. This is untrue and Britneys abs are produced because of her dietary habits and other fat burning workouts. I recommend my highest rated fat loss program at the bottom of this page if you want to lose fat effectively and permanently

So without further a do, here is the:

Britney Spears Ab Workout + Video

Exercise Sets Reps
Ab Crunches 1-2 25-50
Side Crunches 1-2 25-50
Bicycle Crunches 1-2 25-50
Hip Thrusts/Reverse Curls 1 To failure

Britney Spears Ab WorkoutAltug Says : If you’re just starting out, there’s no way your core is strong enough to be able to do 50 repetitions in one go (if you’re performing them correctly). Split them up into 2 or even 4 sets with breaks in between. The benefit of these exercises are to be had by doing them correctly. Leave your ego at the door and don’t get number bound!

Also, don’t forget that Britney also does much more than simply follow the ‘Britney Spears Ab Workout’. I’d say that only around 20% of her flat stomach can be attributed to this workout and the rest to her clean diet, cardio and weight training to burn off her stomach fat. Without these things, she would not have her famous flat stomach

For Fat Loss I Recommend

truth about 6 pack absCheck out my highest recommended online E-Program about fat loss and 6 pack abs by Mike Geary!

Mike is offering his highly effective and award winning program, “Truth About Abs” for a limited time only at a risk-free trial price of ONLY $4.99!!

Yup, you heard that right!

This program is highly recommended for males and females who want a complete fool-proof program to achieve ripped 6 pack abs or a sexy flat stomach.

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Herschel Walker Workout

Herschel Walker was a highly celebrated and highly regarded college footballer in the united states.

He turned pro, having a career in the NFL playing for the Dallas Cowboys amongst a host of other teams before returning to the Dallas Cowboys where he retired.

The most amazing thing about Herschel Walker from a fitness standpoint was the way he trained. Going against all conventional wisdom, the Herschel Walker workout is the most intense bodyweight workout I have ever heard of.

herschel walker workoutLegend has it that Herschel Walker didn’t touch weights at all until he arrived in the NFL – Instead he performed an intense bodyweight workout EVERY DAY since high school (as well as sprinting)! In College and the NFL, he was known by most players as being the best conditioned athlete.

After I let you in on what Herschel Walker did in his workouts, I will let you know a much better way to build muscle fast if that is your goalUnfortunately, we weren’t all born with genetics like Herschel Walker, therefore the Herschel Walker workout will be fairly useless for muscle building for 99% of the population.

Your best option is to check out a complete online muscle building training package that gives you workouts, diet plans, exercise databases etc. Check out my favourite here

This video interview reveals more :-

Apparently, Walker didn’t always show signs of being genetically gifted. Actually, in his book ‘Hershel Walker’s Basic Training’, he mentions being a tubby kid who, more often than not, was picked last for teams. He even tells how his sister constantly beat him in races!

The workout mentioned in this video is :-

Herschel Walker Workout

Push Ups
2000 reps
Sit Ups
3000 reps
Pull Ups
1500 reps
1000 reps

It is not completely clear how Herschel Walker structured this workout throughout his day. In his video, he makes mention of performing them during commercials. Other literature suggests he started in the morning and finished at night.
Regardless, there is probably no human on this earth who could perform all of those repetitions in one set.

IF (and that’s a massive IF) you decide to give the Herschel Walker workout a go, I’d start off with 25 reps per set and progressively increasing the amount of repetitions per set as your body gets more conditioned. (Pull-ups may be the only exception to this rule as they will depend on your strength pound for pound)

In his book ‘Herschel Walker’s Basic Training’, he mentions a more realistic workout to begin with (still intense though!) :-

Herschel Walker Workout – Basic Training
Push Ups
1000 reps
Sit Ups
1000 reps
Pull Ups
1000 reps
1000 reps
herschel walker workoutAltug Says : One very important thing to remember about Herschel Walker – He was an extremely genetically gifted athlete.

That isn’t to take away from his immense dedication because anyone who can do this workout DAILY is dedicated but please do not delude yourself into thinking that the Herschel Walker workout will turn you into a bodybuilder if you do not have similar genes.

This workout is really unconventional and way too intense for most people – However, if you enjoy challenges I’d start with a smaller number and try to build my way up towards the figures Herschel achieved.

As always making sure you are progressively following the routine for at least 4 weeks so you can measure your results and any changes.

vince delmonte ebookIf you want a more realistic and effective workout program to help you build muscle fast, I’d highly recommend checking out Vince Delmontes No Nonsense Muscle BuildingVince has built a reputation as the “Skinny Guy Saviour” and it’s not hard to see why after checking out his program.

If you want a full review of this program, please check out my thorough review of the Vince Delmonte Ebook Package

Bruce Lee Workouts

bruce lee workoutsThere is a lot of information that can be found on Bruce Lee workouts. This is a huge testament to the man’s discipline because he regularly recorded his workouts. (Something that MUST be done if you are to see results and progress)

Bruce had your typical ectomorph body type – Small stature and bones. It’s for this reason he is very inspiring to ectomorphs around the world.

“Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water”Bruce Lee Philosophy

Bruce’s training consisted of many different types. It is documented that early in his life, he would train like a bodybuilder. He would use many isolation movements.

However he soon learnt that for what he wanted, strength and power, he would benefit more from bigger movements that used more muscle groups and Bruce started gearing his workouts towards compound exercises.

Bruce Lee workouts varied between weight lifing, cardio work (running/sprinting/cycling/skipping) and of course, martial arts.

Bruce would train with weight’s every other day and warned trainee’s not to ‘overtrain’, hence the rest day. This is a smart way of training and the theory still carries weight today. He also did cardio every single day. This consisted of 3-4 mile interval runs outdoors, skipping 2-3 x a week and also 30-40 minutes on an exercise bike. Talk about intense! No wonder Bruce was so ripped.

Below we have some Bruce Lee workouts. If you would like to see some more Bruce Lee workouts I’d recommend purchasing his book “Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method Basic Training” – Enjoy!

arnold schwarzenegger workoutAltug Says : Something you should keep in mind is that these Bruce Lee workouts are from the 70’s. Although Bruce training with weight’s at all in this era was revolutionary, training systems have now jumped leaps and bounds since his day.

Therefore, I can’t really recommend his workouts as there are now more established ways to train.

I’d also like to remind you that this page is for a bit of fun. Working out like the stars won’t necessarily make you look like them. So much more goes into muscle building than just working out. If you want a more realistic approach to building your dream physique I’d recommend picking up a muscle building program – The one I recommend highly is Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building <== Click here for my detailed and honest review.

This is meant as no disrespect to Bruce Lee. His work ethic was second to none and the results of his dedication were plain for everybody to see. If you can implement even half of that dedication into reaching your goals, you’re on the right path!

Here are a few Bruce Lee workouts described in his book, “The Art of Expressing the Human Body”.
These different workouts DO NOT include the cardiovascular work he did every single day as mentioned above.

Bruce Lee’s 20-Minute Strength and Shape Routine

Clean and press: 2 sets of 8

Squat: 2 sets of 12

Barbell pullover: 2 sets of 8

Bench press: 2 sets of 6

Good Morning: 2 sets of 8

Barbell Curl: 2 sets of 8

Done 3 days a week.

Bruce Lee’s First Bodybuilding Routine

Squat: 3 set of 10

French Press: 4 sets of 6

Incline Curl:4 sets of 6

Concentration Curl: 4 sets of 6

Push-up: 3 sets of 10 (Weighted)

Barbell Curl: 3 sets of 8

One-Armed French Press: 3 sets of 6 to 8 reps

Dumbell Circle: 4 sets of as many reps as possible.

(Bruce would stand with two dumbells held out in front of him and circle them)

Reverse Curl: 4 sets of 6

Wrist Curl: 4 sets of as many possible

Reverse Wrist Curl: 4 sets of as many possible

Sit up: 5 sets of 12

Calf Raise: 5 sets of 20.

Bruce did this workout 3 days a week.

Bruce Lee Workouts – Circut Training for Total Fitness

Sequence 1a – Monday – Wednesday – Friday:

Rope jumping, 1 minute.

Forward bend, 1 minute.

Cat stretch, 1 minute.

Jumping jack, 1 minute.

Bodyweight squat, 1 minute.

High kick, 1 minute.

Sequence 1b – Monday – Wednesday – Friday

Waist twists, 1 minute.

Palm up curl, 1 minute.

Roman chair, 1minute.

Knee drawing, 1 minute.

Side bending, 1 minute.

Palm down curl, 1 minute.

Sequence 2a – Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday

Groin stretch, 1 minute.

Side leg raise, 1 minute. (Hold each side for 30 seconds)

Jumping bodyweight squat, 1 minute.

Shoulder circling, 1 minute.

Alternate splits, 1 minute.

Leg stretches, 2 minutes. (Each leg for 1 minute, 30 seconds for front, 30 seconds for side.)

Sequence 2b – Tuesday – Thursday – Saturday.

Leg raise, 1 minute.

Reverse curl, 1 minute.

Sit up twist, 1 minute.

Leverage bar twist, 1 minute.

Alternate leg raise, 1 minute.

Wrist roller, 1 minute.

Bruce Lee Circuit Training for Increased Muscularity

Overhand pullup, 30 seconds.

Seated leg press, 30 seconds.

Standing leg thrust, 30 seconds.

Shoulder press, 30 seconds.

Calf raise, toes in 10 secs, toes forward 10 secs, toes out 10 secs.

Alternating curl, 8-12 reps each arm in 30 seconds.

Standing 1 Arm Adduction, 30 seconds.

(Pull a cable down to your side – Imagine a lateral raise but in reverse, the resistance is coming from above via a high cable pulley).

Bench press, 30 seconds.

Squat, 30 seconds.

Lat pulldown behind neck, 30 seconds.

Triceps push-down, 30 seconds.

Cardio (Run) full pace, 1 minute, 30 seconds.

Wrist roller, 1 minute.

Neck flexion/extension/rotation, 1 minute.