The Top 4 Fitness Books and Programs

It’s not exactly a secret that the health and fitness industry is one of the most misleading and misinforming markets – Fitness books, supplements, pills, programs etc you name it and they are normally designed part you from your cash without actually help you getting any closer to your goals. This means that you’ll go … Read moreThe Top 4 Fitness Books and Programs

Britney Spears Ab Workout

When Britney Spears is in shape, one of her best features is her sculpted and toned stomach. So, it’s no surprise then to hear that she works extremely hard to get to into this shape but what may come as a surprise to most is the simplicity of Britney Spears ab workout This is because … Read moreBritney Spears Ab Workout

Fat Burning Workouts – Aerobic Threshold

This is a low intensity cardio workout that can be modified to suit a beginner, intermediate and an advanced trainee. The aim is to keep you in your ‘fat burn zone’ and to have you burning a higher percentage of fat calories whilst increasing your aerobic fitness. As a beginner, ff you want the quickest … Read moreFat Burning Workouts – Aerobic Threshold

Low Intensity Cardio Intervals – Workout For Beginners

Click Here For the Free Printable Workout Log Version of This 30 Minute Workout Plan Have you just started training at the gym? Does cardio seem like a daunting task compared to sitting down all day for the past few years? Well don’t worry! I don’t want you to be put off because it is … Read moreLow Intensity Cardio Intervals – Workout For Beginners