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Foods That Build Muscle – Fish and Seafood – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

Foods That Build Muscle – Fish and Seafood

If you have yet to read my initial article about foods that build muscle then please do so before reading on. It contains vital information about protein that you won’t want to skip over!

Seafoods are a source of complete protein that often contain a certain amount of Omega 3 essential fatty acids. Although fats are generally looked upon in a negative light, these fatty acids are essential for normal bodily function and have a positive effect on many things such as :

  • Increased Metabolism
  • Proper Brain Function
  • Control Cholestrol and Fat Levels
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • amongst many others.

    These fats along with Omega 6 essential acids (omega 6’s can be found in various seeds) can contribute to much better muscular gains and health. This make many types of seafood great foods that build muscle.

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    The only negative to certain types of seafood is that they can contain a substantial amount of fat, overall. Although the majority of that fat is beneficial in moderation, if eaten too much, can cause an increase in body fat storage. This will also bring with it the negative health effects that a diet high in overall fat can bring. E.g obesity, risk of heart disease etc.

    foods that build muscle fish and seafoodHowever, do not be put off by the fats contained in oily fish. As long as they are eaten in moderation (twice a week is generally recommended but I’d recommend getting some essential fatty acids daily through seeds and oils in small amounts to get the benefits), they can provide fantastic health benefits and assist you in gaining muscle.

    Apart from oily fish, there are other types of seafood that contain little or no fat at all. These include foods like prawns and tuna. These are foods that build muscle whilst keeping you lean and there isn’t as much of a restriction on how much can be eaten due to their low fat content (however, variety is always recommended for a balanced diet).

    There are generally no carbohydrates contained in seafood so they are also good low-carb foods that build muscle.

    Here is a list of seafood that build muscle fast, along with any additional nutritional information

    Note : All values are approximate and are per 100 grams (or ml) unless otherwise stated. Cooking methods may alter the nutritional value of the food. Frying will increase the fat content, for example. Some foods have been left out so please check packaging of any product not found here or seek advice for their nutritional content.


    CANNED TUNA (in water – drained)

    Protein – 25 Grams

    Carbs – 0 grams

    Fat – 0.5-2 Grams

    Calories – 116

    Notes: Cooked Yellowfin and Skipjack Tuna has around 3-5 grams more of protein (per 100 grams)

    COD – (and no I’m not talking ‘fish and chips’!)

    Atlantic/Pacific – cooked – dry heat

    Protein – 23 grams

    Carbs – 0 grams

    Fat – 1 grams

    Calories – 105

    PINK SALMON – Cooked – Dry Heat

    Protein – 25.5 grams

    Carbs – 0 grams

    Fat – 4.5 grams

    Calories – 150

    Notes: The fat contained in salmon contains beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids. These types of fat are actually beneficial to us in small quantities. Giving us such health benefits like increased metabolism, control of cholestrol levels and improved immune function!

    WILD SALMON – Atlantic – Cooked – Dry Heat

    Protein – 25.5 grams

    Carbs – 0 grams

    Fat – 8 grams

    Calories – 145

    Notes: Same notes that applied to ‘Pink Salmon’

    MACKEREL – Atlantic – Cooked – Dry Heat

    Protein – 24 grams

    Carbs – 0 grams

    Fat – 18 grams

    Calories – 263

    Notes: Although, the fat contained in mackerel contains beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids, it contains fat in large quantities. Therefore I wouldn’t advise Mackerel consumption too often throughout the week. Occasionally eaten, Mackerel is beneficial however.


    foods that build muscle lobsterCooked – Moist Heat

    Protein – 20.5 grams

    Carbs – 0 gram

    Fat – 1 grams

    Calories – 100

    There are many, many more varieties of seafood that I havn’t included here to keep this list simple. If you have a favourite type of seafood that isn’t listed, please check out www.nutritiondata.com which contains a massive free database of foods and their nutritional values!

    This final chapter concludes my articles on foods that build muscle. I hope the information in these articles has been detailed enough to be interesting but simple enough to follow! You’re now better equipped to go out there and feed your muscle the correct foods that build muscle!

    Feed the muscle – Watch it grow

    Thanks for reading


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    Altug currently works full time in a London Gym as a Fitness Manager with an Advanced Level 3 Fitness Professional qualification amongst many others.

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