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Foods That Build Muscle – Meats – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

Foods That Build Muscle – Meats

If you have yet to read my initial article about foods that build muscle then please do so before reading on. It contains vital information about protein that you won’t want to skip over!

As far as foods that build muscle are concerned, meat is an excellent choice! (unless you’re a vegetarian/Vegan, of course!)

They are the most popular form of muscle building food because they are complete proteins. This means that they contain all 8 essential amino acids in sufficient amounts for the liver to synthesise the remaining non-essential amino acids.

You want to know what this means in simple terms right? Thought so 🙂 Complete proteins basically have a higher biological value which are better utilised for muscle building. Where as incomplete proteins such as beans, pasta, nuts etc need to be combined with other proteins to be made complete and fully utilised by your muscles.

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Although they are considered fantastic foods that build muscle, some negative things to look out for in certain meats is :

  • High Sodium Content (pork, frozen and processed sliced meat are usually the biggest offenders)
  • High Cholestrol (the fattier meats)
  • High Fat (if you don’t select lean cuts of meat)
  • Preservatives (mainly in packaged meat)
  • These things won’t hurt you in moderation but just be aware of them and it gives you another reason to vary your protein intake (The other reason being boredom!)

    So without further ado, here is a list of meats that build muscle fast, along with any other additional information.

    Note : All values are approximate and are per 100 grams of the meat. Cooking methods may alter the nutritional value of the food. Frying will increase the fat content for example. Some exotic meats have been left out so please check packaging of any meat not found here or alternatively go to www.nutritiondata.com for a free comprehensive list of meats and other foods! I have automatically listed the lower fat options. Other parts of the meat will usually differ in nutritional value.


    BEEF – Lean Sirloin Steak – Raw – Trimmed to 0% Fat

    Protein – 21 grams

    Carbs – 0 grams

    Fat – 4-7 grams

    Calories – 129

    Notes: It can be quite difficult to find lean beef. General rule of thumb is that beef ‘loins’ and ’rounds’ are lean. Make sure you trim all visible fat off before cooking.

    foods that build muscle - chicken proteinCHICKEN – Chicken Breast – Skinless – Uncooked

    Protein – 23 grams

    Carbs – 0 grams

    Fat – 1-3 grams

    Calories – 110

    Notes: Lean chicken breast is easy to find and a very popular muscle building food. The darker parts of chicken meat are generally the fattier parts so try and stick to chicken breast where possible. Frying chicken will alter the fat content. Grilling is recommended to keep it lean.

    TURKEY – Turkey Breast – Skinless – Uncooked

    Protein – 22 grams

    Carbs – 0 grams

    Fat – 2-4 grams

    Calories – 120

    Notes: Similar to chicken

    foods that build muscle protein duckDUCK – Duck Breast – Skinless – Uncooked

    Protein – 20 grams

    Carbs – 0 grams

    Fat – 4-5 grams

    Calories – 125

    Notes: Lean duck can also be hard to find and fairly expensive. Try looking for breast.

    LAMB – Boneless Lamb Sirloin – Lean – trimmed to 1/8″ fat

    Protein – 21 grams

    Carbs – 0 grams

    Fat – 6 grams

    Calories – 145

    Notes: Lamb is generally a meat that is quite high in fat. Try to ensure the cut you buy is lean and trimmed of fat before cooking.

    VEAL – Veal sirloin – Lean – Uncooked

    Protein – 20 grams

    Carbs – 0 grams

    Fat – 2-3 grams

    Calories – 110

    foods that build muscle porkPORK – Pork Loin – Lean – Uncooked

    Protein – 20-22 grams

    Carbs – 0 grams

    Fat – 5-6 grams

    Calories – 150

    Notes: Popular versions of pork are quite high in fat but leaner options are available. Check the back of packaging if you’re buying from a supermarket or ask your butcher to advise you on the leanest cuts.

    So there you have it – Some popular meats and their nutritional values (if you opt for the versions with minimal fat).

    I hope that this article has been helpful and given you a rough idea about the value of meat as a muscle building food. My next chapter will be all about Dairy proteins so as always, stay tuned for more articles and information about foods that build muscle 🙂

    Thanks for reading


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