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Free Printable Workout Log – Log your progress and achieve results – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

Free Printable Workout Log – Log your progress and achieve results

Hey! Are you logging your progress at the gym?? My free printable workout log has you covered if you aren’t.

If you aren’t recording every workout you perform, how do you know whether you are progressing? You don’t – and if you’re not progressing, I bet I can make a pretty accurate and educated guess in assuming that you aren’t achieving results either!

Print your free workout log here and get started

First I will give you the printing instructions and further below are the instructions on how to use the log.

  • Step 1 – Turn your printer to “economy” printing. You will be printing one of these logs for each training day!
  • Step 2 – Click to go to the Free Printable Workout Log here and print. (It should print perfectly but if it doesn’t then remove all margins)
  • Step 3 – Take a pen and write down your workout information EVERY time you go to the gym and enjoy your results!
  • How To Use The Free Printable Workout Log

    The first box on the free printable workout log is for your specifics – They are pretty self explanatory.

    free printable workout log
  • Name – Obviously…your name
  • Date – of your workout
  • Time – of your workout session (time of day)
  • Length of Session – How long your workout lasted
  • Weight – Your weight
  • Body Fat – Your body fat percentage if known. (It is difficult and may be costly to get an accurate measure but if you can find this information out, it would be a better measurement than just weight.)
  • Total Calories – Calories you consumed in total that day/week
  • Calorie Ratio – Breakdown of your calorie consumption. What percentage came from Protein/Carbs/Fat?
  • Ok, so the next box in the free printable workout log is just underneath to the left. This box contains two fields.

  • Tempo – This relates to the speed that you are lifting the weight in both the concentric and eccentric phase. For example, the concentric phase of a bench press is when you push the bar up and away from your chest. The eccentric (or negative) phase is when you are lowering it down towards your chest.
  • So a 2-0-2 tempo would mean that one rep would take you two seconds on the way down (without a pause – hence the 0 in the middle) and 2 seconds on the way up (without a pause at the top – hence the 0) = 4 seconds in total for 1 complete repetition.

    The reason I’ve included this in the free printable workout log is because different tempo’s work better for different goals. The 2-0-2-0 tempo just mentioned is good for muscle building (hypertrophy) where as you may want to try a 1-0-3-1 tempo to develop explosive power. (Bring the weight slowly down before exploding fast on the way up with a pause at the top). You get the picture.

  • Rest – These are your rest periods in between sets. Again these could differ depending on your goals. 30-120 secs for muscle building all the way up to 5 minutes for strength.
  • Here is a picture of the tempo and rest fields – Also the muscle building workout log box is also pictured (explained below)

    free printable workout log

    The next box (pictured above) is the muscle building workout log where your resistance/weights workout information is recorded.

  • Exercise – Put the name/s of the exercise you are performing in this box. The exercises go in the order that you will be performing them.
  • Set – This section will contain information for each set of exercise. Write down how many repetitions you performed and how much weight you used for each set.(If you will be doing more than 5 sets per exercise, just spill over into the ‘notes’ section)
  • Notes – This box will contain any other information that relates to your resistance workout. For example, you may be using a training principle such as supersets or pyramids. Write these down in this box.
  • Cardio Workout Log

    This section of the free printable workout log is for your cardio program – It can be used for either low intensity, steady tempo cardio or it can be used for high intensity interval training!

    free printable workout log

    So, the top row of this box is only really applicable if you are using intervals. (find out more about High Intensity Interval Training here)

  • Intervals – This splits your workout up into 13 sections or “intervals” where you can put information in for each interval.
  • Work – This section is for the high intensity part of your intervals hence they are “work” intervals.
  • Recover – After your work interval you will have a recovery interval. Record information for your recovery intervals too.
  • Time – How long each interval lasts.
  • Cardio Type – What kind of cardio are you doing? Running, cycling, boxing, skipping etc? This section can be substituted for another “intensity” box if you wish.This would be useful for something like treadmill running where there are more than one intensity variables – e.g Speed and Incline.
  • Intensity – The intensity of your cardio. This could be speed, incline, heart rate, distance – Whatever you measure your performance with.
  • Finally we have the “workout notes box”. This box is for any other information that may be useful for your progression.

    For example, how did you feel during the workout? If you were lethargic, you may be able to establish a pattern if training in the morning (as an example) always makes you feel this way.

    Other things to include are your supplements and any other workout notes that there was not enough space for in the other sections. Calories burned, training principles, distance, nutrition, other intensity variables are just a few examples.

    Ok, well that’s it! Remember that recording your progress is one of the most important things that you can do. You will not know or remember to improve if you don’t make accurate notes. This free printable workout log has you covered! Use it!


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