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Muscle Gaining Secrets Review – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

So you’ve landed on this page looking for a Muscle Gaining Secrets review? This E-program has been gaining a lot of momentum and popularity in the muscle building niche but if you’ve read any of my other reviews, you know I’m going to cut through all of the crap you might have read about this program online.

muscle gaining secrets reviewTaking a look around at all of the other reviews of products online and it seems apparent to me that most websites just want to make commisions out of you without ever having read the product in the first place. It’s a joke – I’m probably one of the only honest reviewers left out there as my reputation to my visitors means a lot to me – So you should know that I am simply going to lay it out on the table for you and tell it how it is.

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I will NEVER review a program unless I’ve read and looked at it – It’s just common sense. If I can analyze a product, then I can give you most honest review I can. So I contacted Jason Ferrugia as I always contact authors to ask if I could write a Muscle Gaining Secrets review for the readers on my authority fitness website. After I proved to him that I was the owner of the site, he gladly sent me a review copy of his program. His communication was FAST and I’m always impressed when somebody is willing to let me review a product. It shows CONFIDENCE in that persons product.

You’ll be amazed at how many times authors don’t bother to reply to me..and some programs don’t even have any contact information! Well that tells me that their programs are not worth it as who wouldn’t want free exposure on an authority fitness website that can get up to 1000 visitors a day??

Ok so with all of that out of the way, here is my no B.S, detailed review of Jason Ferrugia’s Muscle Gaining Secrets program – I disect the program chapter by chapter so let’s see if this muscle building program passes my strict test..

The Muscle Gaining Secrets Review

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Jason introduces himself and the reasons he got started with training. He then goes on to tell you what you can expect from his guide and what it will do for you. He seems to have a no B.S approach which I like. Let’s see if the rest of the book is good for muscle building..

Chapter 2 – The Everlasting Bond

Jason continues with his no B.S attitude which is quite refreshing – He is definitely a bit more hardcore in his teaching style than the other muscle building programs out there. However, I thought this chapter didn’t really need to be given a dedicated section. It’s more motivation based and him telling you his attitude towards training and how yours should be. Didn’t need an entire chapter in my opinion.

Chapter 3 – The Importance of Physical Strength

Another chapter where Jason gets straight to the point and tells you his opinion on why strength is so important for being a man and building muscle. Although again, I thought he didn’t need to give it an entire section. He could easily have merged chapters 2 and 3 together. Hoping there’s more meat to come further in the book.

Chapter 4 – Jason essentially discusses the meaning for progressive overload in this chapter which is an important factor for building muscle!

Chapter 5 – The 7 Critical Factors

Now we’re talking! This chapter contains a lot of meat and Jason takes you through the crucial principles you’ll be using to build slabs of muscle. The theory is solid here and can tell you that it all works and may even surprise many of you if you’ve been reading your typical bodybuilding magazines (that are designed to keep you small by the way!). This is a long chapter but a worthwhile one!

Chapters 6 through to 10 – Bodypart Training

Jason dedicates a chapter to each bodypart here and explains what exercises to do for maximum benefit. He also goes into detail about technique and what you should be feeling for each exercise.

Very useful and detailed chapters to get your knowledge up – Make sure you check out the exercise database included with your order before attempting these exercises though for pictures on how the exercises should look like!

Chapter 11 – Fascial Stretching

I’m glad Jason included this as a chapter because I haven’t seen it in anybody elses muscle building programs. Jay explains how to stretch out the fascia of the muscle to explode your muscle growth. You don’t want to miss this chapter.

Chapter 12 – Putting it all Together

Jason provides his muscle building workouts in this chapter..this is the section where your training starts! He also answers commonly asked questions in this chapter. You will also get a seperate book dedicated to progressive workouts so that your results never stop. This is a nice addition and Jason continues to explain things in his no B.S manner which is a rarity online!

Chapter 13 – Intensity

Training to failure is mostly the topic in this chapter. A good one but again one that I feel could have been incorporated into another chapter. I guess more chapters look better to readers. Still good information though.

Chapter 14 – Recover Methods

Well Jason certainly makes up for the last chapter with an outstandin chapter here where he points out LOADS of recovery methods and explains them at length. This is an extremely important aspect of muscle building so don’t skip this chapter!

Chapter 15 – Mass Building Nutrition

I like Jason’s approach to mass building, especially if you’re a skinny guy. Too many times I see guys trying to hit just the right amount of calories but not gaining any muscle. Jay’s approach is like mine – Eat like a horse. Then experiment for optimal results..If you start building muscle, carry on doing what you’re doing. If you start gaining a bit of fat, cut down on the calories or change the ratio of proteins/carbs/fats. Another chapter where his no B.S attitude shines through.

Jason actually knocks this chapter way out of the park – The information he provides is above and beyond what many muscle building programs offer. He gives sample diets (although you get bonus meal plans with the package from 2000 calories all the way up to 6000 calories!), talks about types of foods, their benefits and/or disadvantages and then talks about other special diet methods that allow people to stay extremely lean whilst building slabs of mass. Another unmissable chapter.

Chapter 16 – 19 Training Partners, Music, Q + A and Conclusion

I’ve grouped these chapters together because again they’re not the most valuable chapters. Training partners basically covers the importance of a highly motivated and intense training partner. Jason talks about an amusing story with him and his brother (also training partner). Music again isn’t the most valuable chapter as most people have different taste in music and won’t care about Jason’s music list. Q + A is a solid chapter where he answers tons of questions he’s been asked over the years about training and his program.

The conclusion basically ends where the book starts – A story about his strongman uncle and how he managed to make him proud. It’s a pretty feel good ending but again something that won’t provide that much value to readers who just want information. Although, it should leave you motivated at the end of reading a pretty solid program.

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So What’s the Final Verdict on the Muscle Gaining Secrets Review?

Well it started off with a bit of fluff in the first couple of chapters and I thought “here we go again”..but the further you go on the more you realise Jason knows his stuff. His passion shines through in his no B.S attitude which almost makes him come accross as an A-Hole at times but you’ll understand that this attitude is developed due to frustration of trainee’s being mislead by magazines and the desire to help people. I should know..I have a similar attitude when it comes to training. “Go hard or go home”.

The program is packed to the rafters with cutting edge information that you won’t find in magazines…simply because Jason isn’t selling you anything else like the magazines are. You’ve bought his program and I got the sense from reading it that he feels a duty to deliver and help you reach your goals. Not promote supplements. In fact he barely covers the topic!

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the muscle gaining secrets program if your goal is to pack on as much muscle as humanely possible. It’s a toss up between this program and the No Nonsense Muscle Building program..but if you want a no B.S, easy to follow and implement guide to building muscle fast then Jason’s is the program to go for! (that’s not to say Vince’s is B.S by any means)

I hope that this Muscle Gaining Secrets review was useful to you and that it’s helped you make a conscious decision to start changing your physique and life for the better..starting now!

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