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Quick Weight Loss – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

Quick Weight Loss

quick weight loss tips
Welcome to the weight loss section! Here you’ll find articles and information on how to lose weight fast. Now, most people normally put too much emphasis on all three of those words.

To ‘burn fat’ is a much more effective way of keeping your weight down in the long term rather than quick weight loss. The word ‘fast’ depends on the person. If, by ‘fast’ you mean 2-3 months then you can certainly see significant changes in your body if you are motivated enough to dedicate yourself.

If you are going on holiday in a week or two’s time and want to look good on the beach, then you may want to take a step back and look at a more realistic timeframe to burn fat.

If you truly are looking for quick weight loss..

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Ask yourself what it would mean to you to be leaner and weigh less on a regular basis. What would it give you? Once you find this out, as trivial as it sounds, you will be far better equipped to stick to a routine because it means something to you.

Mini Guide For Effective & Quick Weight Loss

If you’ve never trained to lose weight and burn fat before – Start Here! This guide containing crucial, quick weight loss information will outline the most important things you need to know before you start. When you’ve finished, check out some more articles further down this page to learn more and don’t forget to pick up your FREE e-book when you sign up to my free muscle building tips and fat burning E-Zine!

Why Lose Weight / Burn Fat?

quick weight loss tipsPeople want to lose weight or burn fat for a multitude of reasons. For a guy who has been building muscle for the past six months, he may want to shed the excess fat to see the fruits of all his hard work. Some may have been overweight for all their lives and want to lose weight for health purposes or improve their confidence. The reasons are plenty but it is important to find out what it would mean to you to lose weight fast or burn fat.

Most people understand the health benefits of burning fat. Here’s a list to summarise what keeping your body fat levels low, if done through exercise and diet, will generally mean for men and women –

  • Keeping your blood pressure within normal ranges
  • Increased energy levels
  • Keeps cholestrol within normal ranges
  • Decreased stress on your joints
  • These are amongst many, many more health benefits
  • And of course, there are also the external benefits it will have on every day life such as :

  • Improved confidence
  • Improved appearance
  • Improved flexibility and range of movement
  • Once you’ve decided on your goal it’s time to check out the articles below in this section for detailed information on the best way to burn fat, quick weight loss and any other tips to help you on your way to a leaner you!

    Quick Weight Loss Tips and Articles

    How to Lose Belly Fat

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    Running to Lose Weight

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    There are many benefits associated with running to lose weight. It is easily one of the most accesible and effective forms of exercise for most individuals!…read more

    Exercises to Lose Weight Quickly

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    Most people limit themselves to the gym environment to lose weight. Here are some more enjoyable alternatives if you’re not a treadmill or stationary bike person!…read more

    Foods to Lose Weight – 6 Tips

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    Which foods can you eat to help you lose weight and burn fat? Check out these 6 tips here to assist you with maximum weight loss.…read more

    Drink Water to Lose Weight?

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    What if I told you that you can drink water to lose weight? Hear me out before you call me crazy..(maybe too late!)..…read more

    Desperate to Lose Weight Quickly? – Here’s a Quick Fix..

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    That’s right you heard me! I’m going to give you a quick fix but will it give you what you’re really looking for? Read on..…read more

    Can We Use Weight Training to Lose Weight and Burn Fat?

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    Weights are normally associated with building muscle but find out in this article how vital they are in your quest for fat loss!…read more

    Everything You Wanted To Know About Low Intensity Cardio

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    Find out all about low intensity cardio in this FAQ style article.…read more

    Everything You Wanted To Know About HIIT Training – High Intensity Interval Training

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    Find out all about high intensity interval training in this FAQ style article.…read more

    Burn Fat From Stomach – The Correct Way to Target This Stubborn Area

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    We do endless sets and variations of crunches – on our backs, sideways, upside down – surely these will pay off soon and I’ll be losing stomach fat to reveal a toned midsection, right?…Wrong!…read more

    Burn Fat Not Muscle – The Importance of Burning Fat Whilst Maintaining Lean Muscle

    by Altug Kop quick weight loss altug kop

    My article about the importance of burning fat and not muscle! Read why burning fat over muscle is so important and see my top 10 tips to switch your body over to fat burn mode!…read more

    How To Lose Belly Fat

    by Vince Delmontequick weight loss tips

    Lose weight fast from this stubborn area. Vince Delmonte reveals all in this easy to understand article.…read more

    Losing Body WEIGHT Or Body FAT: Do You Understand The Difference?

    by Sean Nalewanyj quick weight loss tips

    Do you understand the difference between losing weight fast and losing FAT? Sean Nalewanyj offers some important clarification. Find out here..
    …read more

    Weight Loss Tips – Effective Weight Loss Tips to Help You Succeed

    by Vince Delmonte6 pack abs

    In today’s world, almost everywhere you look people are looking for weight loss tips. Vince shares his valuable tips…read more

    Workout Routines For Toning

    by Altug Kopquick weight loss

    Workout routines for toning – Recommended routines! There are workout routines for toning in abundance online but what exactly do we mean by toning?…read more

    Reasons to Lose Weight

    by Altug Kopquick weight loss

    Your personal reasons to lose weight will be the most important determining factor of your weight loss!…read more

    Lose Weight by Running

    by Altug Kopquick weight loss

    Many people like to lose weight by running and it’s not hard to see why – But are you getting the most out of your running…read more

    Lose Weight in Days Free

    by Altug Kopquick weight loss

    The term ” Lose Weight in Days Free ” is a very popular search in Google – I provide you with some tips..but is it a good strategy if you’re after permanent weight loss?…read more

    Don’t forget that your nutrition and diet will be crucial to achieving safe, effective and quick weight loss

    You can also visit the weight loss workouts section to find out which types of training will help you burn fat