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Sean Nalewanyj Review – “The Truth About Muscle Building” Muscle Building Program – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

Sean Nalewanyj Review – “The Truth About Muscle Building” Muscle Building Program

sean nalewanyj muscle building ebook

Learn the DEAD HONEST Truth About The Critically Acclaimed Muscle Building Ebook by Sean Nalewanyj…is it really ‘The Truth About Building Muscle’ or Just Another Rip Off?

Before we begin, I just want to make you aware that this review is very thorough and I recommend that you read it fully but you may use the content table above to skip to particular points that you are most interested in.

Features of The Truth About Building Muscle E-book

sean nalewanyj truth about building muscle ebook

  • ‘The Truth About Building Muscle’ 265 Page Muscle Building Ebook by Sean Nalewanyj
  • PRICE – $77 for the standard version or $107 for the solid gold upgrade with extra bonuses
  • Bonuses – LOTS with each package (Reviewed Below)
  • Lifetime E-Book Updates (Free)
  • 8 Week Money Back Guarantee (No quibble, no reason required)
  • Product Support Via Email
  • Sean Nalewanyj – Intro

    Sean Nalewanyj is a critically acclaimed, best selling fitness author and the list of features above is certainly nothing to be sneered at (Around 14 or so bonuses included with the basic package and 20+ bonuses included in the Solid Gold Upgrade)

    sean nalewanyjLet’s see whether this muscle building ebook justifies all the fuss surrounding it or whether it is just some more marketing hype..

    Again the first thing you’ll notice when you land on Sean’s main page is what looks like a pitch from one of those shopping channels on cable TV. Don’t let that put you off. This is done for a reason. (Click Here to Check it out)

    We as human beings all have dreams but only 5% of us will ever achieve them. Why? We don’t really have any real ’emotional’ reason to change because it’s ‘safer’ to stay where we are. These pages are all designed to trigger an emotion from the customer to get you moving from A to B. It’s actually a good thing..(but ONLY if the product being sold is genuine of course!)

    So I email Sean to see if he’ll kindly send me a copy for review and within 72 hours he responds giving me the green light. Very fast response considering how busy these guys are supporting existing customers AND it was a personal response which is always impressive to the customer.

    Impressed with his support so far. Also it’s always a good sign when authors agree to let me review their product. It clearly shows that they have confidence in their product.

    The Truth About Building Muscle Ebook Review – Main Book

    This is my second muscle building ebook review and after being quite pleasantly surprised by my first review (No Nonsense Muscle Building Ebook by Vince Delmonte) I’m a little more open minded rather than immediately dissmissing every online book as a scam..Let’s hope that Sean Nalewanyj continues the trend.


    Good motivational opening chapter. Sean tells the story of how he went from Skinny to buff. Then he goes on to tell you a bit more about the book along with the attitude and mentality required to achieve the physique you want. Seems like a stand up guy and hasn’t made any false claims. Good opener, just falls short on the ‘goal setting’ side of things but Sean does touch on it throughout the book.


    This chapter is about muscle building philosophy and principles. I already like the way Sean Nalewanyj structures his chapters. They are very easy to follow and contain a summary at the end. Great news for beginners because information can sometimes get overwhelming if you’re starting from scratch. Seans writing style is very easy to understand too. Great chapter and he also touches on goal setting here too.


    A big section dedicated to structuring the perfect workout. Sean covers the importance of everything from rep ranges, frequency of training, breathing and all the way to choosing a training partner (if you want to). A very detailed and important chapter but one that is very easy to understand due to Sean’s fantastic ability to structure his chapters. Impressed.


    Another beautifully structured chapter about optimum nutrition for muscle building. Explains in a good amount of detail the positive and negative effects of all of the important nutrients. The carb section where he lists the different digestion speeds of each particular food (called the foods ‘GI’) was a bit over the top but it does well to give you an idea of what foods fall into which category. Solid chapter.


    About supplementing for gains. This is another detailed but easy to follow section about supplements. Sean Nalewanyj splits the supplements into 4 categories of usefulness and gives information on each supplement. Much more detailed than the Vince Delmonte Supplement section. This can either be taken as a positive or a negative because some of the supplements didn’t need to be described in such detail in my opinion but there’s no harm in learning. A very well explained and well structured section again.


    Is all about critical feeding times. This is a fantastic chapter that tells you EXACTLY when you can eat what foods for maximum muscle gain! Very important and well summarised chapter.


    Bodybuilding Myths – I like the positioning of this chapter better than Vince Delmonte’s positioning of it but that is just my personal preference. Not the most important chapter but it could be if you do subscribe to some of the bodybuilding myths mentioned. Sean Nalewanyj does well to set these myths straight in this chapter.


    Proper rest and recovery is the theme of chapter eight. Sean explains the importance of recovery to build muscle fast and shows you how recovery optimises your hormones to do just that. Touches on preventing injury and illness as well. Good overall chapter.


    The closing chapter is actually a bit like the first. More motivational words of wisdom from Sean Nalewanyj. After reading this section you should be fully equipped with all the knowledge to get that physique you’ve been craving! Not an essential chapter but nice closing words from Sean. Will get you hyped and ready to go!

    This chapter closes another book that has pretty much exceeded my expectations. I was most impressed with Sean’s easy to understand writing style and structure. This is definitely the best structured muscle building ebook I’ve seen so far. A great book that can’t fail to give you results if you follow the advice that is so clearly outlined.

    sean nalewanyj ebook building muscle

    SUMMARY – Pro’s and Con’s


  • Well Structured – Best structure i’ve seen in a muscle building ebook so far.
  • Very Easy to Understand – Very easy to understand. Good amount of science made simple and easy to digest if you’re a beginner. Clear and concise writing style.
  • Great Content – Tons of important content contained in this ebook. Once you’re finished reading this muscle building ebook you’ll be more knowledgable than around 95% of all gym users
  • Good Support – Not quite as fast as Vince’s support but still very fast and most importantly PERSONAL! Shows integrity and fantastic customer care to have the author reply to your query personally
  • Great Value – So many bonuses (reviewed below). I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – $77 or $107 (For the upgraded version with more bonuses) is nothing in order for you to get the body you want and live a happier life! That’s a months gym membership, if that!
  • CON’s

  • A lot of information to take in including the bonuses but this also doubles up as one of the books strengths too. It will take you a while to read up and take notes. As long as you’re clear on that you won’t be (and shouldn’t be) dissapointed.
  • Not much content about goal setting
  • Not much about burning fat or cardio. Does, however, mention how to minimise fat gain whilst you build muscle fast. (Sean has another book about fat burning called ‘The Truth About Burning Fat’)
  • It’s difficult for me to describe just how much you get with this package. This picture probably does it more justice…

    sean nalewanyj muscle building package

    ..And this is just the basic package! That’s a hell of a lot of bonuses..I’ve reviewed each one below to to see whether they are just showy bonuses or actually of good value like the main book!

    BONUS REVIEWS – Basic Package Bonuses


    Plain, simple and easy to follow! No bells and whistles. Just everything you need on a log sheet to print out and take to the gym with you so that you can record your progress. (Don’t forget to do your warm up sets!)

    8 out of 10


    Fantastic and essential bonus! Uses videos of himself performing the exercises so that you know exactly how to perform them safely and correctly. Spot on bonus from Sean Nalewanyj!

    10 out of 10


    Vince Delmonte and Sean Nalewanyj use the same company to bring you the bonus meal plans. An essential bonus and an absolutely invaluable bonus ebook. Don’t forget to check out the bottom of the book that actually teaches you all of the cooking techniques and gives you tips!

    10 out of 10


    Video lessons that go into detail about the best exercises and why for each bodypart. Video’s are useful but not essential. Good if you want to further your knowledge and gain a better understanding of why you’re doing what you’re doing. Never a bad thing..

    7 out of 10


    Similar to Vince Delmonte’s workout tracking online website. You don’t need to use this but if you want to log everything on to computer as well then you can. May be useful as a backup.

    The coolest thing is that you can log your nutrition as well. Just search for your food in its search engine and it will return the foods nutritional value! I typed in Burger and got 15 pages worth of results haha. Now that’s detailed! Not essential but still useful.

    7 out of 10


    Not as nifty as it sounds unfortunately. Just an FAQ database. Type in a question and if it’s in there it will come up, if not you’re out of luck.

    *Obviously Sean gives free email support that is related to the product but if you need individual personalised programme help then I’d recommend signing up to the GOLD upgrade which gives you 3 months of one on one personal email coaching. Great value for only $30*

    6 out of 10


    Sean Nalewanyj puts what he preaches into motion here and shows you what kind of intensity and technique you need to be aiming for. A good video if you’re not quite sure what is meant by ‘intensity’, ‘full range of motion’ etc.

    7 out of 10


    A good bonus if you’re in your car or listening to your ipod on the way to work. Download and burn this to cd, your ipod or simply listen to it at your computer. Solid information about the mistakes you should avoid to maximize your muscle gain.

    7 out of 10


    This section gives you personal programmes for any of the below circumstances:

    Shoulder Injuries, Lower Back Injuries, Knee Injuries, Total-Body Joint Problems, Time Contraints, Equipment Limitations.

    Pretty good bonus but like Sean says. He would always recommend you get injuries checked out rather than risk making them worse. Good information though.

    7 out of 10


    Sean Nalewanyj gets interviewed by Jason Brooks in this 39 page book. Interesting interview where you find out more about Sean and his philosophies on bodybuilding along with his way of life. Not an essential bonus though.

    7 out of 10

    Fat Loss Supplements Exposed – Good detail – 7 out of 10

    Testosterone Boosting Report – Great tips – 8 out of 10

    Amazing Smoothies for Athletes – 130 smoothies! – 9 out of 10

    Easy Diet Secret For Maximum Muscle – 5 out of 10

    Upgrade to the GOLD package and….

    sean nalewanyj gold ebook

    You get everything from the basic package PLUS THESE EXTRA BONUSES…


    If you upgrade you recieve Sean’s ebook in MP3 format as well as the readable book. If you prefer listening over reading then you’ll love this. Burn it to CD or stick it on your ipod!

    8 out of 10


    Sean chucks in yet another recipe book with a further 35 mouth watering recipes. Never a bad thing when you’re looking for variety so that you don’t get bored of the same foods!

    7 out of 10


    Good for taking out the guess work in regards to how many calories you need to take in per day. Goes into exactly how many grams of protein, carbs, fat, water etc you need to consume per day. Remember though, that this is just a guideline.

    8 out of 10


    Psychological Strategies For Bodybuilding Success – This ebook is extremely important! And I don’t blame Sean for putting this in the ‘Gold’ add on package because it is an invaluable ebook. The number one reason why 95% of gym users fail is not because they don’t know what they’re doing but because they don’t know how to apply it using techniques like goal setting, visualisation etc. This book shows you how. Priceless

    10 out of 10


    You get the Healthy Mass Meals 12 week plan with the basic package but upgrade and you also get a 12 week vegetarian plan alongside a ‘Mass Building on a Budget’ 12 week plan. What I love about these plans is that diet websites and groups can charge you lots of money alone for these plans. You get them all part of the package here. Great Value

    10 out of 10


    Another priceless bonus. There is nothing like having your own personal coach, in this case, Sean Nalewanyj fussing over you and specifying your workout. This’ll make you feel like a star!

    9 out of 10


    So we come to the end of another thorough review and this time it was Sean Nalewanyj who was put through his paces.

    As far as I’m concerned he passes with flying colours. Sean is one of the good guys online – Genuine, honest, likeable and another guy you can completely relate to. Never once did I see anything in the book that made me roll my eyes or think ‘That’s bulls***!’. Truely a stand up guy.

    With that in mind let’s check out my final scorecard for Sean Nalewanyj ‘The Truth About Building Muscle’

    The LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com Scorecards








    sean nalewanyj muscle building ebook

    Sean Nalewanyj ‘The Truth About Building Muscle’ scores a shirt busting 9 out of 10 on the LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com scorecards.

    This ebook is comparable to Vince Delmonte’s ‘No Nonsense Muscle Building’ and they pretty much have the same philosophies about muscle building. Both great coaches and both very knowledgable authors.

    I scored Vince’s ebook one star more for ‘Value’ because he includes a ‘Fat Cutting’ ebook in his upgrade package. Sean scores higher for ease of use due to the fantastic structure of the book.

    In the end i’ve given the books the same overall rating and it’s so difficult to choose between the two. It really is dependant on the individual. If you prefer a more charismatic style of writing with a fat loss book included then go for Vince’s ebook but if you prefer a well structured, purely muscle building ebook then you can’t go wrong with Sean Nalewanyj.

    You are not going to be dissapointed with the results through purchasing this ebook by Sean Nalewanyj and if you are for any reason (like i’ve said before the only reason you could be dissatisfied is if you’re not following the advice given!) then you have an 8 week money back GUARANTEE. That’s a better physique GUARANTEED or your money back. All to gain and nothing to lose! It’s a no brainer in my opinion after having read this ebook.

    ‘The Truth About Building Muscle’ is exactly what it says in the title. The truth. No messing around – Solid information that if you follow can’t fail to get you great results. If you’re ready to order now, congratulations for not being a procrastinator and taking immediate action to change your body and your life. Click on the link below to begin.

    Sean Nalewanyj should be proud of his efforts as I’m sure he is when his customers give him their feedback. These stories can also be seen by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Altogether very impressed with this package. It’s an absolute bargain for the life changing experience it will provide. Comes highly recommended!

    Your friend and coach

    Altug Kop


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