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Weight Loss Supplements – Which Ones Really Strip You of Body Fat and Which Ones Simply Strip You of Your Money? – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

Weight Loss Supplements – Which Ones Really Strip You of Body Fat and Which Ones Simply Strip You of Your Money?

Part 1 – By Altug Kop

Probably the most popular (and greediest) sector of the fitness industry is the weight loss supplements market.

Everybody wants that magic pill that will strip off layers of fat, leaving them with a trim waistline and superb muscle tone. Well unfortunately such a ‘magic’ pill doesn’t exist yet so you are still going to have to put in some good old fashioned graft to get the body you want.

However, if your diet, training and recovery are optimal (and only then) then weight loss supplements can quite possibly help shave that extra 1-2% of stubborn body fat off.

As always there is a lot of crap out there on the shelves of supplement stores and in the magazines due to the never ending search by the general public for that magic pill. So to stop you from getting exploited by some of these products that are no more than a rip off, let’s take a look at some weight loss supplements that I’ve personally used. We’ll look at their benefits as well as their side effects, if any.

Please note that It is your responsibility to check your countries laws to see if these products are legal before ordering them.


The big daddy of legal (and in some parts of the world, illegal) weight loss supplements. Ephedrine works in many ways including a slight increase in body temperature, speeding up your metabolism and curbing your appetite to promote fat loss. It is the most effective of fat loss supplements that you can buy over the counter, if you can obtain it in your country of course. Ephedrine has been banned in the U.S for a few years and I havn’t seen much of it in the U.K either. Unfortunately you will always get some stupid kids who will abuse supplements and ephedrine isn’t one to be abused. Thus, ephedrine is now banned in the U.S.
If you can get a hold of it, you will most likely find supplements that extract ephedrine from the herbs ‘ma huang’ or ‘sida cordifolia’. (Although the latter made me feel nauseous occasionally. Check the back of the pot to see where the ephedrine is derived from). These aren’t quite as good as pure ephedrine HCL but they may be your only option if you can’t find pure ephedrine. Ephedrine is normally stacked with caffeine and aspirin for a highly potent stack (in fact if you want the best from both caffeine and ephedrine you must stack them together). Highly recommended but I’d assess your tolerance first with a half dose to see how you react.

Contraindications:- Not recommended for people with high blood pressure or known heart conditions. Always check with your doctor if unsure.

Side Effects:- These vary in individuals but can include irritability, irregular heart beat, nausea and tremors. For me personally, I just got totally wired and energetic. It was quite a focused and alert feeling. I got used to the ephedrine and the effect was less pronounced as the weeks went on.


I’m a big fan of yohimbine. It has always been a main staple in my fat cutting arsenal, especially my last one where I finally achieved a set of six pack abs. For the first time in my life I had a six pack and although I attribute most of my fat loss to my tweaked training regime (it included much more interval training and circuits than my previous fat cutting phases), Yohimbine is actually pretty potent at shifting those ‘stubborn’ areas. Without getting too technical this is because those area’s (bum/butt and thighs for women, abs and sides for men) have high concentrations of certain fat receptors that Yohimbine is especially good at targeting. Just imagine fueling your car with the best petrol but using the cheapest oil. Your car isn’t going to run optimally. Yohimbine = That expensive oil to make sure your body is burning fat optimally from all angles.
On a side note, Yohimbine was used to treat erectile dysfunction before Viagra was out because it increases blood flow to the penis. Obviously a beneficial side effect for yourself and a lucky lady 😉

Contraindications :- Same as the ephedrine. If unsure, check with your doctor

Side Effects :- Some report dizziness but I didn’t get any ill effects from yohimbine. See a doctor if side effects persist

Extra Note: Make sure you buy the yohimbine HCL version. There are some supplements that use ‘yohimbe bark’ which isn’t as effective! Check the label of your product. Strangely, yohimbine isn’t sold over the counter in the U.K even though you can buy supplements such as Lipoderm which contain yohimbine HCL. If you’re from the U.K, you won’t have any problems ordering it from the U.S where it is extremely cheap.


We’ve all heard of caffeine, right? It is pretty much everywhere. In your tea, your coffee, your soft drinks etc. Caffeine is great in a fat loss stack with ephedrine due to their complimentary nature. Caffeine speeds up your metabolism and has been shown to decrease your insulin sensitivity too (which means it will be harder for your body to store fat). Caffeine also has a diuretic effect on the body meaning the body will retain less water giving you a harder look.

Cheap, cheerful and a must if you’re planning on using ephedrine.

Contraindications:- Similar to ephedrine but it’s effects aren’t quite as pronounced in my experience.

Side Effects :- See above

This concludes part one of the best weight loss supplements out there. The above three products are arguably the most effective fat loss products that money can buy legally in most countries (There are probably better products individually than caffeine but when stacked with Ephedrine, they create a fantastic fat burning combination).

In part two we discuss some more fat loss supplements that may compliment these three products and send you on your way to to a leaner, sexier physique!

Remember that these are supplements and that they will NOT help you in the slightest if even one of your fat loss requirements is lacking (Training, nutrition and rest). Please check out the Muscle Building Tips and Quick Weight Loss sections for help if you’re struggling to get these important parts right

Thank you very much for reading and as always, I hope you found this article helpful. Keep your eye out for part 2!

Take care; Keep your fat burning furnace hot!

Your friend and coach


About the Author:

Altug is the owner of LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com.
Altug Kop

Formerly a stick thin, skinny guy. I now help people on a daily basis to achieve their life long fitness goals and lead a healthier, more fulfilled lifestyle.

I’m currently working full time in a London Gym as a Fitness Manager with an Advanced Level 3 Fitness Professional qualification amongst many others.

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  1. Not necessarily – For somebody trying to build muscle or even to burn fat (in this case you should be trying to at least preserve muscle) then I’d always recommend a slow digesting protein shake (something like Casein) to ensure you’re getting a steady feed of protein to your muscles during this long fast. Imagine you get 8 hours sleep and then also stopped eating from 6pm which I’ve sometimes heard being recommended (wrongly) Then you could be going 10-14 hours with no food! That’s a sure-fire way to a slow metabolism, muscle loss and therefore plateau’d fat loss!

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