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(LIFTNLIVE) Yohimbine HCl amd Yohimbine Information – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

(LIFTNLIVE) Yohimbine HCl amd Yohimbine Information

What is Yohimbe / Yohimbine Hcl?

Yohimbine is an alkaloid found in the inner bark of a tree that grows in southern Africa called “Corynanthe yohimbe”. Yohimbe has been used throughout history as an aphrodisiac, and the alkaloids contained in this tree have been at the forefront of many studies.

Yohimbine was used, before Viagra was born, in the treatment of erectile dysfunction! However, Yohimbine has no need to be jealous at being dethroned by Viagra! It has many other desired effects – Helping in the treatment of obesity and aiding fitness fanatics in their quest for fat loss being the most popular effects.

Yohimbine is available most commonly as the herbal “yohimbe extract”. Pure Yohimbine Hcl (Hcl stands for hydrochloride) can also be purchased and is recommended because the Yohimbe extract will only contain around 10% of actual Yohimbine (and this may vary wildly effecting your dosage!).

This makes Pure Yohimbine Hcl a much safer and more effective bet. You can also find Yohimbine in transdermal solutions that are rubbed on to “stubborn” area’s. This may help to keep Yohimbine’s effects localized to the particular area it is rubbed in to.

How Does Yohimbine HCl Work?

Let’s try and make this as simple as possible! Basically Yohimbine works mainly by blocking alpha adrenoreceptors (I know that doesn’t sound simple but stick with me!).

Norepinephrine (NE) is one of the bodies primary lipolytic (fat burning) hormones. One of the times NE is released is after periods of stress or after taking sypathomimetics, for example, Ephedrine.

Now, our bodies can sometimes prevent the release of NE through a number of feedback mechanisms – When NE is released it stimulates BOTH the alpha and beta adrenoreceptors.

The stimulation of beta causes fat to break down where as stimulating the alpha will prevent the release of norepinephrine (NE) and thus, prevent fat loss.

Hence why Yohimbine is used to BLOCK the alpha receptors and prevent this feedback mechanism from taking place, increasing the potential for fat loss. Phew!

Sounds good so far but there are even more benefits to be had by blocking alpha receptors with Yohimbine. “Stubborn” fatty areas (usually the abdominal area in men and butt and thighs area in women) contain a higher ratio of alpha receptors, which means that Yohimbine is particularly effective in these areas and may just have an arguement for those who think that spot reduction of a particular area is impossible.

Don’t forget that Yohimbine was also used before Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction! Therefore, Yohimbine can work to sexually arouse men (and women) by increasing blood flow and reducing sexual exhaustion. A nice side benefit!

Who Would Benefit Most From Yohimbine HCl?

Yohimbine is an effective fat loss agent and would therefore best benefit anybody looking to decrease their bodyfat levels (Depending on an individuals tolerance to Yohimbine).

As Yohimbine is not an essential nutrient, deficiency is not a problem.

What Are The Recommended Dosages of Yohimbine?

A dosing protocol of about 0.1mg per lb of users bodyweight per day (or 0.2mg per kg) is a sensible dose which would be effective for fat loss and free of side effects.

Yohimbine is usually administered around 3 times a day due to its short half-life (around 2 hours) and taken on an empty stomach. It is believed that taking Yohimbine with a meal could reduce its fat burning efficiency!

I’d recommend starting with a lower dose for the first couple of days to assess your tolerance to Yohimbine as this can vary between individuals.

Side Effects of Yohimbine?

At sensible doses, Yohimbine is free of side effects for most people. Anxiety is perhaps the most common side effect of yohimbine (especially with higher doses). So it is not recommended for trainees that are prone to panic attacks etc.

Other common side effects are increased blood pressure and maybe an elevated heart rate. Again, these usually do not show up when using Yohimbine sensibly.

Insomnia may also be experienced but this can be avoided by taking Yohimbine too late in the evening. (Last dose should be around 6-7pm).

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