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(LIFTNLIVE) Carb Cycling Diet – Sample Day of my Pre-Contest Diet – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com
(LIFTNLIVE) Carb Cycling Diet – Sample Day of my Pre-Contest Diet

(LIFTNLIVE) Carb Cycling Diet – Sample Day of my Pre-Contest Diet

So, this is a question I get asked on pretty much a daily basis. “What was your diet when you were getting ripped? Can you give us a sample?”

Well, here it is – A sample day from the carb cycling diet I used to get myself into contest shape in April 2012.

To be honest, I’d rather people bugged me about this than some of the other questions I get (nobody truly bugs me, really – I do like answering questions ;). The importance some newbies place on supplements and some of the questions I get in relation to them sometimes make me wanna bang my head against a wall! So, being asked about my nutrition is refreshing considering how important this aspect always is.

I’ve also filmed a video about the diet if you prefer to watch video, where I also explain how I was logging my diet and macronutrients. Check it out below and underneath that, you’ll find the sample day of my carb cycling diet!


[box]Carb Cycling Diet

2249 Calories
307 grams Protein
62 grams Carbs (not including green veg)
97 grams Fats.

Meal 1 – 2 x Bacon Rashers (fat cut off), 4 egg white + 1 whole egg scrambled, cooked in a dash of Olive oil.

Meal 2 – 400gram Fillet Steak, 20 grams Almonds, Vegetables/Greens

Meal 3 – Chicken Breast 170 grams, Brown Basmati Rice 100 grams, 100 grams Brocolli

Meal 4 – Post Workout – Whey/Casein Protein mix 55 grams, Maltodextrin 20 grams

Meal 5 – 4 Egg Whites Scrambled, Half an avocado

Meal 6 – 4 Liquid Egg Whites, Mixed with Casein Protein 53 grams (2 scoops)[/box]


This diet breaks down to approximately 60/10/30 ratio of protein/carbs/fats

The idea of carb cycling is to go a certain number of days with low carbohydrates to encourage lypolysis (the breakdown of fat) followed by a refeed day of moderate to high carbs to enhance the fat burning signalling hormone, Leptin, which is suppressed by a consistently low carbohydrate diet.

You can use a ratio as low as 2:1 (2 days low carbohydrate followed by 1 day of higher carbohydrates – Rinse and repeat). All the way up to a 5:1 ratio where you utilise a low carb diet on 5 days followed by a 1 day refeed. The maximum I went was a 4:1 ratio and continued to burn fat whilst keeping my muscle and strength in the gym. I found the carb cycling diet to be fantastic for keeping muscle mass and strength in the gym all the way to contest day.

The trick to the carb cycling method is to keep your protein nice and high. (At LEAST 1.5 grams per lb of your bodyweight to maintain muscle) You are also increasing your good fats slightly from fish oils, nuts, avocado and seeds. A lot of your energy for the day will be from these sources.

If this carb cycling diet was helpful to you, feel free to use the toolbar to like, share and tweet this to your friends! Also, don’t forget to leave me your comments below and let’s get some chat going!

Let me know how much ass you kick with this diet and, oh yeah..how much fat you burn too.


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