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Workouts – Page 2 – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

Comfortable Pace Test

AIM – The aim in this comfortable pace test is to find your aerobic threshold or put more simply, your ‘comfortable pace’. This is important for somebody who is just starting a cardiovascular program, especially a beginner. EQUIPMENT – Absolutely anything. You may not even require equipment if your cardio program is going to consist … Read moreComfortable Pace Test

Tabata Training – What is Tabata About?

Tabata Training Overview : Click here for the Tabata Training Bike Workouts mentioned in this study! In the late 90’s, Dr. Inzumi Tabata and his colleagues from the National Institute of Fitness and Sport in Tokyo, Japan set out in search of the ‘ideal’ cardiovascular training protocol. A training regime that would efficiently increase fat … Read moreTabata Training – What is Tabata About?

Kettlebell Workouts

Muscle building, fat loss, and conditioning in an exercise all at once? Sound good? I bet it does. Kettlebell workouts and routines can enhance all that and more. Your strength and balance will also increase. Kettlebells have the potential to do so much and increase performance in every aspect – if you’re not using them, … Read moreKettlebell Workouts

Daily Workout Schedules

If you’re online searching for daily workout schedules, I must truly commend you! You are well on your way to being one of the 5% of people who ever achieve their fitness goals (These are the stats in the UK anyway). Alarming statistics, right? So why are daily workout schedules so integral to your success … Read moreDaily Workout Schedules