Celebrity Workouts

Ever wondered what celebrity workouts consist of? When you’re trying to explain to someone exactly what kind of physique you’re aiming for, do you sometimes find yourself using a celebrity as an example? It’s easier to point towards a physique of somebody who everybody knows BUT – Who is the celebrity who most inspires you … Read moreCelebrity Workouts

Weight Loss Workouts

Types Of Weight Loss Workouts [box]HIIT – High Intensity Interval TrainingLow Intensity Cardio / Moderate Intensity Cardio Tabata Training (HIIT Variation) [/box] Sample Weight Loss Workouts IMPORTANT : If you’ve just started exercising please take the Comfortable Pace Test to determine your comfortable pace and aerobic threshold before choosing a workout Pick your free workout … Read moreWeight Loss Workouts

Muscle Building Workouts – Free Workout Plan and Information

Muscle Building Workouts – Another area in the fitness industry where you will probably hear conflicting information about what works and what doesn’t! If you’re just starting out I’d highly recommend picking up a decent muscle building program <– I give honest reviews on some of the most popular ones which you can access by … Read moreMuscle Building Workouts – Free Workout Plan and Information