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Celebrity Workouts – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

Celebrity Workouts

celebrity workoutsEver wondered what celebrity workouts consist of? When you’re trying to explain to someone exactly what kind of physique you’re aiming for, do you sometimes find yourself using a celebrity as an example?

It’s easier to point towards a physique of somebody who everybody knows BUT – Who is the celebrity who most inspires you and the one you most aspire to look like?

celebrity workoutsDo you often wonder how they can see results so quickly from one movie to the next? (check my workout log, to see what can be done in 8 weeks!) Or how they can lose their baby fat so quickly? How they can put on slabs of muscle in between sports seasons?

Well now you can see exactly what THEY do for their physique. This section is dedicated to celebrity workouts.

An Important Note : It should be mentioned that some, not all, celebrities have a personal trainer at their beck and call who train them, cook and deliver perfectly balanced meals for them etc.

For this reason, most of them have everything in order to see results. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t. It will just take more thought and preparation on your behalf.

It’s also worth pointing out that we don’t know what supplement/s that the celebrity is/was taking.

Another thing to remember is that some of the celebrities are from a different era and their training techniques are rather outdated. Please be sure to read my comment box on each celebrity workout page!

It is far more realistic for the average joe’s like us to use a tried and tested method of building muscle or burning fat such as those found in muscle building and fat loss programs. These will help you achieve your goals more effectively than copying celebrity workouts can! For muscle building I’d highly recommend Vince Delmontes No Nonsense Muscle Building and for fat loss the best program is definitely Mike Geary’s “The Truth About Abs”. Click on the links to check these programs out now.

Finally and most importantly – This section is intended to be a bit of fun. Just because you use a celebtrities workout does not mean you will experience the same results! They may have a different body type/genetics to you. Different powers of recovery etc Too many variables to mention.

While most of these workouts are genuine and effective, they are here purely to satisfy your curiosity!

Here’s who we have so far –

Male Celebrity Workouts

Female Celebrity Workouts

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