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Lose Weight in Days Free? – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

Lose Weight in Days Free?

If you’ve arrived at this article after typing the terms ” Lose weight in days free ” or something similar into a search engine, then there is definitely one thing you can expect from this article.

Brutal honesty!

lose weight in days freeIf you want to lose weight in days free, it is possible. The free part is definitely possible as getting into shape shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg! However, the part that you shouldn’t delude yourself about (and I certainly won’t be) is the ‘lose weight in days’ part.

“Hey! Didn’t you just tell me it was possible??”, I hear you ask – Yes, because it is possible to lose weight in days free..but that depends what kind of weight you want to lose. I will give you some tips throughout this article to achieve this.

There are 3 kinds of weight you can lose – Muscle, Fat and Water.

The kind of weight you DO NOT want to lose is muscle weight, this applies whether you are male or female. (Unless you have a particular reason that you need to lose muscle mass)

The reason for this is that when muscle is lost, the speed of your metabolism is also decreased, making it harder for you to lose the type of weight you really should be losing – Fat.

Losing fat can safely be done at a rate of around 1-2lbs a week. So therefore, if you’re looking at a long term solution for fat loss, you’re not going to find it if you’re looking to lose weight in days free!

My personal recommendation if you’re looking for a way to permanently lose weight is to check out “The Truth About Abs” fat loss program by Mike Geary. This program gives you all of the tools to burn fat permanently in the quickest time possible.

The only significant amount of weight you can lose in days is water weight. So, if it is just the number on the scales that you’re concerned with, many people find that they can lose up to 10lbs in a week initially just by sorting out their diet and starting an exercise program (if you’re not doing so already).

If your goal is to make a certain weight for a sport or just squeeze into a dress that feels a little too tight at the moment, then it is possible (depending on how much weight is required) to lose this weight from water weight.

So, if you have a particular reason to lose weight in days free, here is a list of things you can do to achieve a good amount of weight loss. However, remember if by losing this weight you are trying to achieve a certain look, you should try a more long-term solution because your water levels will fluctuate. Also you won’t LOOK much different when you lose water weight (unless your body fat levels are low already) because your fat levels will still be similar.

  • Drink 2-3 litres of water a day – The more water you drink, the more you will excrete.
  • Decrease your salt/sodium intake significantly – Salt helps to retain water
  • Tidy up your diet – Your diet should be perfect! This will also help reduce salt.
  • Try a Vegan Detox – Eat no meat or dairy products for a week. I’ve heard of people losing 7lbs+ by doing this!
  • Lower your calorie intake – This ties in with the above. Decreasing your calorie intake will help you to lose weight almost instantly as your body is burning off more than you’re consuming in a day – simple maths.
  • Have a 15 minute sauna a few hours before your event. This is NOT recommended if you’re competing in a sport as your performance will decrease and could be dangerous. Remember, your weight loss will come from sweating out water and sodium. These will be replaced in time so this is very temporary.
  • Consume lots of high-fibre foods. This will help to cleanse your colon and flush out and toxins when you go to the toilet.

Well, that’s it folks – I am never an advocate of being so short sighted as looking for a solution to lose weight in days free but if you’re desperate you could possibly lose around 2-6lbs in a few days with these tips depending on the individual.

Don’t expect these results to last though – A more realistic and long-term approach to losing weight would be to target your fat stores rather than water. Use weight training as well to maintain your muscle tissue and metabolism.

My personal favourite program for a way to permanently lose weight is “The Truth About Abs” program by Mike Geary.

This program is the only one you will ever need to follow to lose weight quickly and permanently! It’s a breath of fresh air from the usual scam health products advertised everywhere! Click Here for more information

This will keep you well on your way to lose weight free, permanently!

Thanks for reading


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