My Transformations and How I Achieved Them

On this page, you’ll see all of my muscle building and fat loss transformations as well as how I achieved them so that you can transform yourself too! You’ll see that it’s not exactly the rocket science that so-called “guru’s of fitness” make it out to be.

I don’t intend to do many more of these transformations as from now onwards I fully intend to stay in shape all year round and I recommend that you do the same once you have transformed your body!



3 thoughts on “My Transformations and How I Achieved Them

  1. Thank you, Mark!
    I’m a bit wary of the message I’m sending out with these transformations..transforming your body and life is all well and good but I don’t want readers to think it’s a 10 week thing only! Once you’ve transformed, make it a lifestyle!
    I’ll probably do 1 more transformation documenting me losing body fat and then stay in that awesome shape forever!
    Nice site btw, I like the design 🙂


  2. Yeah I can see where your coming from there, people do tend to think they can transform their bodys in such a small period of time and when they start seeing results they start slacking and get back into their old routines of bad eating and very little exercise. Whether your burning fat or building muscle you need to make it a lifestyle for it to be successful.

    Good to hear, look forward to seeing that! Thanks man appreciate it! I may work more on improving the design a bit later on but for the moment im busy adding more content 🙂

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