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Reasons To Lose Weight – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

Reasons To Lose Weight

There are many reasons to lose weight and benefits to be had – both physical and health benefits.
reasons to lose weight

I’m willing to bet that you already know most of the benefits and common reasons to lose weight but here are a few –

  • Health Benefits
  • Fitness Increases
  • Improved Appearance
  • Decreased risk of disease caused by Obesity

However, perhaps the most important of all the reasons to lose weight is the reason that means the most to you emotionally.

If you can define a strong enough “why do I want to lose weight?” you will be infinitely more motivated and more likely to achieve your goal than the person who has just decided that they want to lose weight without having given it much thought.

Maybe you want to lose weight because you want to be able to play energetically with your kids and watch them grow up?

Maybe you want to lose weight so that your sex life improves and you have a more fulfilled relationship with your partner?

These specific reasons are far more powerful than just saying “I want to lose weight to make me happier” – ‘WHY’ will it make you happy?

Want proof of how it works? Only 5% of gym users in the U.K actually achieve the result that they wanted! Hence why the industry is now training its employees to learn how to make their customers understand why they want to achieve their goal.

This helps you to realise the reasons to lose weight that are specific to YOU! You take ownership of the goal which means you are far more likely to achieve it. (Remember when the teacher at school would TELL you to do your homework? Would you do it? Usually not! Same with if your instructor/trainer told you what your reasons to lose weight were.)

There are advanced techniques that go into coaching people correctly so that they are motivated to achieve their goal.

In the fitness field, the best package I’ve come across for weight loss is Mike Geary’s “The Truth About Abs” Fat Loss package. Check it out now ==> HERE

Not only is this e-package the most comprehensive and easy to understand fitness guide I’ve seen for fat loss, it also does what many other similar packages don’t – The intro is focused on helping you to set your own goals and stay motivated to reach them.

Life coaches who do this for a living normally charge toward $600 per hour of their time for this kind of information which is why I was so impressed that Mike included it in his package. (for $37! And a 60 day money back guarantee!)

As well as having this important information, the program also includes a complete blueprint to help you achieve your goals such as

  • Workouts
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise Guides
  • Regular Updates

Visit, ==> HERE for the full benefit list you’ll get from Mike’s “Truth About Abs” fat loss program.

I just wish I had his program to hand when I was starting out at 16 years of age – It would have saved me a year of not knowing what I was doing in the gym (and more importantly, what to do out of the gym!)

It is a very good time to get into fitness as there are so many fantastic resources out there to utilise for your benefit including Mike’s award-winning ebook.

If you want the quickest route to your weight loss goals permanently without the trial and error, I’d recommend checking out Mike Geary’s complete program.

Finally, it is important to remember that without strong enough personal reasons to lose weight, you’ll find it very difficult to motivate yourself and achieve your goal.

Thanks for reading.


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