Fat Burning Workouts – Aerobic Threshold

This is a low intensity cardio workout that can be modified to suit a beginner, intermediate and an advanced trainee. The aim is to keep you in your ‘fat burn zone’ and to have you burning a higher percentage of fat calories whilst increasing your aerobic fitness. As a beginner, ff you want the quickest … Read moreFat Burning Workouts – Aerobic Threshold

Low Intensity Cardio Intervals – Workout For Beginners

Click Here For the Free Printable Workout Log Version of This 30 Minute Workout Plan Have you just started training at the gym? Does cardio seem like a daunting task compared to sitting down all day for the past few years? Well don’t worry! I don’t want you to be put off because it is … Read moreLow Intensity Cardio Intervals – Workout For Beginners

Comfortable Pace Test

AIM – The aim in this comfortable pace test is to find your aerobic threshold or put more simply, your ‘comfortable pace’. This is important for somebody who is just starting a cardiovascular program, especially a beginner. EQUIPMENT – Absolutely anything. You may not even require equipment if your cardio program is going to consist … Read moreComfortable Pace Test