Desperate To Lose Weight Quickly?

Are you desperate to lose weight quickly? Well hey, get to the back of the queue! How long is this queue? About a million people long. We’ve all been there, right? You’ve been meaning to lose weight for a really special event – Maybe for a holiday or vacation, a wedding, to p!$$ off your … Read moreDesperate To Lose Weight Quickly?

Drink Water to Lose Weight?

You must hear it all the time – ‘Drink more water! You need to drink more water!’. If you’re like me you probably know you should but struggle to drink enough or just reply with, ‘I know!’ If you’re like me then you may also need a good enough reason to do anything. What if … Read moreDrink Water to Lose Weight?

Best Exercise To Burn Fat

With so many products that offer ways to burn fat, which one do you pick? Pills, trend diets, not to mention liposuction — can all cost a fortune. But, do you really need any of these? Isn’t there a best exercise to burn fat? Do you really need that magic pill that is going to … Read moreBest Exercise To Burn Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat

Do you know how to lose belly fat? Have you been doing thousands of crunches and thousands of sit ups; But you still can’t seem to shift that stubborn “belly fat”? Well, first of all it’s important to understand that you can not isolate an area and lose fat from only that particular part of … Read moreHow to Lose Belly Fat