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The Diet Solution Program Review – A Solution or a Scam? – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

The Diet Solution Program Review – A Solution or a Scam?

the diet solution program reviewSo, as you’ve landed on this page I see you’re looking for The Diet Solution Program review.

Let me just be frank with you straight away, in my reviews I cut through all of the rubbish you may have heard about products online so far.

Truth is, good luck finding an honest, unbiased review online these days. The only thing people are interested in is promoting bogus products that make the reviewer big commisions when you buy the product.

My reviews will ALWAYS be beneficial, honest and help you to make up your mind about a certain program. In this case, The Diet Solution Program review.

So without any more waiting, let me tell you how it is with The Diet Solution Program.

What is The Diet Solution Program?

The diet solution program is a program written by Isabel De Los Rios who has made astounding losses in fat and transformed her body. To be quite honest, I thought from the sales page that it would be another fad diet and anybody who knows me knows how much I hate fad diets! Maybe I’m just too much of a skeptic..(you kinda need to be online)

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At the moment, this program actually sits at number 1 in the health and fitness category at Clickbank – Which makes it the highest selling diet program online. Pretty impressive but to me all that could mean is that there are a lot of people promoting and advertising the product. (Again, the skeptic in me – I’ve seen too many crap diet programs!)

Well, anyway the curiosity got the better of me and an initial test I always perform to see whether a company is confident in their product is email the owner. I emailed Isabel and gave her my website and proved to her that I owned it. I then asked if she would be willing to let me review The Diet Solution and post it up on my website..To my surprise, she got back to me within 48 hours and said she’d love for me to review it and sent the program over to me.

You should have seen the surprise on my face – This showed me that she was pretty confident in her program so I got straight to work in picking apart the information.

So before I continue, you can see I’ve actually accessed this program so I’m not about to spout a bunch of B.S to you. My reputation is worth more than that. So let’s take a look in detail at the program.

What Do You Get?

Well, once you buy the program you’re taken to your membership page where you get access to an impressive 10 E-books on various nutrition topics such as diet plans, recipes and the main theory book – you can get started right away.

The Main Ebook – The Diet Solution Program Review

Ok so I started off with the main book and it was a whooping 102 pages long. It’s split into 2 parts with 16 chapters altogether.

The Positives :

  • VERY detailed book – It leaves nothing to the imagination. You can tell Isabel is well into her job as a nutritionist.
  • Isobel talks about things like Metabolism types, how foods effect individuals etc It’s very individualised and if
  • you can’t lose weight based on her advice you’re doing something seriously wrong
  • You are actually allowed to eat! I was worried this book would be another fad diet but it turned out it isn’t you’ll be glad to know.

The Bad :

  • Sometimes Isabel goes into too much detail. Some things didn’t need to be in there and I would consider certain pages in the book to be “fluff”
  • She recommends EVERYTHING organic. This won’t be possible for some people due to cost/availability. However, she does offer ways around this so fair play to her

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What About the Other Books?

Basically all of the other books are branches off of the main ebook. Here is a short review of each one.the diet solution review

Quick Start Guide – This book is pretty good and gives you the option to skip the main manual to get started straight away (although I’d recommend reading the full manual..you might learn something new)

14 Days to a Sexy Body – A short guide to dropping quick weight in 14 days. I don’t like the title of this book..it’s misleading and somebody extremely overweight isn’t going to have a sexy body in 14 days no matter how you spin it. The guide gives a 2 week low calorie meal plan and explains why it works. Content is good but the title is not.

Metabolism Type Test – An important book! This is what Isabel talks about in the main book and you need to do this to make sure you know your metabolism type and achieve success. This is crucial to your success.

Success Journal – Literally that..a journal where you keep tabs on yourself. A motivational tool. It is what it is – A journal..I don’t really have an opinion on it

Recipes – Now we’re getting to the books I would start to call “bonuses”. This is a book of fun recipes to keep your eating habits fun. Some good idea’s in here

Meal Plans – Handy if you want to follow plans already done for you rather than construct your own

Food Shopping Guide – Another non-essential book I’d call a “bonus”. Good advice for finding the foods you need but again nothing essential here.

Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes Keeping You Fat – Quite an eye-opener this book. Could be some things you know or you could learn something new.

7 Day Back Pain Cure – This was an extra bonus that I didn’t take a peek at as it was nothing to do with the diet solution. But those who suffer from back pain may find it useful

So there you have it! The Diet Solution Program review…but how does it fare overall?

The Diet Solution Program Review Overall Verdict

I enjoyed reading this book and it is VERY detailed. Even though the book is written for the masses, it helps you to individualise everything for your personal success. I found that most impressive. If you can’t lose weight after reading this you either didn’t follow the program or you need to visit the doctor to get your thyroid checked! (Don’t ask me how fast you can lose the weight on this program – That part is up to you and I’m not into hype but 1-2lbs of fat a week is feasable and safe.)

The biggest surprise for me was that it doesn’t taboo any foods or get users to follow a strict single track diet. It acknowledges that everybody has a different body type and therefore this will work for everyone.

On the flip side, I thought the main ebook contained a lot of filler especially when isabel explains the foods to avoid etc. Sometimes she goes into “storytelling” mode and I’d rather it was kept more short and to the point.

The other small gripe I have is that it should have contained some exercise information too, which is almost as important as nutrition for losing weight from fat and retaining your muscle tissue. However, I understand that exercise isn’t her field so we can’t have it all.

If you did want a program that covers nutrition AND exercise in great depth then I’d opt for The Truth About Abs by Mike Geary instead (Although his nutrition section is less detailed than The Diet Solution..but I’d recommend it if you want more simplified instructions rather than scientific speak. Depends on your preference – You’ll lose weight with either program if you follow their instructions)

This doesn’t really detract from a great program though and as far as a dieting program goes, this one definitely earns its spot as the best selling diet program online.

I hope that you’ve found my The Diet Solution Program review useful and that it genuinely helped you make your mind up about whether to purchase or not.

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