Altug’s Workout Log

workout log


Thanks to all who showed support and interest in this 8 week workout log – It meant a lot and kept me on target. This is my final transformation pic.

workout log final picture

workout log no nonsenseMy workout log also served as a practical review for my website readers who were interested in Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building and Fat Cutting Upgrade Ebook package. After my transformation I can honestly highly recommend Vince’s offer. Just be prepared to put in the work!

8 Week Workout Log

Welcome to AL’s workout log. Here you’ll see my step-by-step attempt to put my physique through a major transformation! Consider this my personal workout diary open to you all – progress pictures included!

By keeping an online diary of my workouts, there are also some other goals I would like to achieve besides a physical transformation. I’d also like to :

  • Practice what I preach! As I work full-time in a gym and work overtime with a scheme to help obese children get active AND maintain this website, my own training has kinda taken a back seat! Time to let the excuses go and fit my own training in!
  • Show my website readers what can be achieved with proper knowledge and dedication (and you’ll see from my pictures that my genetics AREN’T favourable!)
  • Use some of the popular online internet programs that I’m always asked to review – This will hopefully give you a better idea about whether they live up to their insane hype!
  • Motivate my readers who either don’t believe that they can achieve results and/or have tried and failed to achieve results. I stick by my word – Anybody can achieve their goal and that includes you!

Altug’s 8-Week Body Transformation – Fat Loss Workout Log

Ok, I have a confession to make. It’s kinda embaressing but since I created this website many months ago, my training has slipped.

How badly has it slipped and how has it effected me physically? I’m almost reluctant to post it – Yepp, it’s that bad..Take a look for yourself

workout log Not in great shape eh? It’s New Years Day ’09 and I look and feel like crap (for lack of a better word).

I’m not happy I’ve let myself get this way when you look at what kind of shape I used to be in.

But hey, that was then and this is now! No point dwelling on the past. It’s time for me to set some new goals and look forward.

What is my plan?

My plan is to use the No Nonsense Muscle Building and Fat Cutting online program by Vince Delmonte.

As you will see if you clicked the link above, the homepage is FULL of hype (something I’m not a fan of!) but I’ve read the book and it seems very detailed and thorough.

I guess my workout log will show whether there is any substance to the hype! (I hope so or I’ll have egg on my face!) However, I’m pretty confident that this will work and it’s all down to myself and MY dedication over the next 8 weeks

Before I begin, I’m setting myself a SMART goal. The single, most important thing to do before you start any journey!

What is a SMART goal? I’m glad you asked. When you set yourself some goals you need to ask yourself some questions. Are your goals..

S pecific? – Yes, I weigh 76kg now. I want to weigh 69kg and have an 8% body fat level.
M easurable? – Yes, I can measure my weight, bodyfat levels and body parts.
A chievable? – Yes, I have picked a workout routine that will fit in with my lifestyle. I will train 4x a week using workouts from Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building and Fat Cutting E-books.
R ealistic? – I feel that it is a realistic goal for me. I have given myself a maximum of 12 weeks if I’m not happy.
T ime-Framed? – Yes, I want to achieve this result in 8 weeks. (A maximum of 12 weeks if i’m not happy by week 8)

Ok, well that covers pretty much everything!

Let’s get it on!


DAY 1 – 4/1/09

My workout log begins today, the 4th of January 2009. Here are my starting statistics and another (unflattering) picture of me below which was taken on New Years Day. For proof of the date, I’m holding the NYD TV Guide.

workout log

Starting Stats 04/01/09
Height: 5ft 9ins
Weight 76kg or 167lbs
Bodyfat: Around 14-15%
Arms (Tensed) 14 inches
Chest (tensed) 44.5 inches
Waist 35 inches

Today was a shock to my system! Well, workout-wise anyway. It was crunch time. Time to see the toll that being inactive had taken on me. Let me tell you it was neither pretty or fun..

I tried to do some HIIT (Interval Training) on the treadmill like I used to when I was in great shape. Yes, I guess that was a little bit crazy but I like using my old training as a measuring stick to see how unfit I’ve become.

I managed just over half of the time I normally used to do on the treadmill! I had to continue the rest of the workout with a low intensity run.

Not a very inspiring start but that was to be expected.

In other news, my diet was fantastic today. I had diced chicken with a huge amount of vegetables, salsa and bread for lunch and a bean salad with olive oil for dinner. Both meals were healthy and delicious.

I wonder how much I’ll be aching tomorrow? Bring it on..

DAY 2 – 5/1/09

Ok, Day 2 is here. I’m aching a little in the hamstrings and lower back but I guess that’s because I havn’t had a run for absolutely ages. I spent parts of the day at work stretching out some of my tight muscles.

My diet was pretty spot on again. The only negative was that I didn’t get out of bed early enough for work which meant that I had to rush breakfast. Just managed to wolf down some bran flakes with semi skimmed milk but I did have ‘brunch’ immediately upon arriving to work. This consisted of a plain chicken salad, wholewheat sandwich.

For dinner, I had a healthy stir fry with whole wheat noodles, chicken and vegetables. A great tip for stir fry’s :- Buy some ‘1 calorie’ oil spray to fry your food. This stuff is like goldust if you’re on a calorie restricted diet! I added some ‘salad oil’ (80% vegetable oil + 20% olive oil) to the stir fry for some good fats (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated).

After work, I also completed a weights workout from Vince Delmonte’s No Nonsense Muscle Muscle Building + Fat Cutting ebook. It was pretty tough but give me weights over cardio any day! 🙂

DAY 3 – 6/1/09

Was feeling really sore today. I’m tight everywhere despite stretching so I guess this is my body getting used to training again after so long…makes me wonder why I stopped in the first place!!

Diet has been good again today. Had chicken breast, roast potatoes and asparagus for dinner tonight. I forgot that I wasn’t a fan of asparagus 🙁 Other than that, the meal was great.

Had another workout out of Vince’s E-book after work. Felt good. Even though it was just a weight session, it had me puffing due to the short rest periods!

No visible results as of yet

*Note to self – Drink more water and keep stretching!

DAY 4 – 7/1/09

Had a low intensity workout on the treadmill today. Well, I say low intensity but you wouldn’t have known it from my face and my sweat-drenched T-shirt! So unfit right now! Did I mention I hate cardio??? Still it feels great to get back into training!

Diet was good again today. Had a spaghetti bolognase for dinner which borders on healthy because I used extra lean mince and just a little sauce. A healthy diet definitely doesn’t have to taste bad 🙂

Oh….and a member of the gym who hadn’t seen me for a while said that he nearly didn’t recognise me because my face is getting chubby.. It’s on!!!!

Oh well I guess he’ll have trouble recognising me again in 8 weeks time 😉

DAY 5 – 8/1/09

My diet remained healthy today, only problem was we were short staffed at work and I ended up having to take my break late. This meant I went a 3-4 hours without food so when I did eat, I suspect I overate.

Oh well, no big deal. Just gotta look forward and correct it tomorrow. Today was my rest day so I didn’t workout.

DAY 6 – 9/1/09

It was a bad day today..I tried a high intensity interval training session tonight but I managed even less time than Day 1!!

What I hate the most about that is that I can’t put my finger on why I didn’t, at the very least, manage to maintain my time from day 1.

Why couldn’t I even do what I did on Day 1? Weird..the only thing I can put it down to is maybe not recovering. My glutes and hamstrings were sore as I was running.

I had done deadlifts 2 days prior so maybe that was the reason. I’ll change it next week and see what happens. Very dissapointing but I’m not gonna dwell on it.

DAY 7 – 10/1/09

Today is Saturday and Saturday’s in the past have been my cheat day but today, for some reason I just didn’t have the urge for anything bad! Maybe, I’ve turned a corner. This is how I want it to be from now on because I used to go WAY overboard with those cheat days!

The only kinda cheat meal I had was my breakfast. Kippers, fried egg, mushrooms, tomato’s and bread. Although I did get a whole bunch of healthy omega 3 fat’s from the kippers and I had this meal first thing in the morning when my metabolism is nice and fast!

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today! Tomorrow is picture time..I don’t feel like much has changed but I’ll let you know my stats tomorrow..

DAY 8 – 11/1/09

Ok here we are – 1 week down already! I’m actually quite pleased with the picture. I noticed that my waist looks a bit firmer and my suspicions were confirmed by the measuring tape and the scales! 0.75 of an inch lost and 1kg lost in my first week!

This is good news. I can carry on the way I am going with my diet and training this week. Although, I’m going to make improvements with my interval training due to being lighter and fitter! Hopefully i can continue this progress all the way to the end! 🙂

My chest measurement went down a bit but I’m not too worried about losing muscle just yet because I hold a bit of fat around my back and chest area. (You’ll see what I mean when I’m chest will be chiseled!!)

Oh – and you’ll notice my ‘in-training’ beard lol! If it was good enough for Rocky while he was training in Rocky 4 it’s good enough for me! Scary thing is, it took me a week to grow this!? My Cypriot roots coming into full-effect there! :p

workout log

Week 1 stats 11/01/09
Height: 5ft 9ins
Weight 75kg or 165lbs (-1kg)
Bodyfat: Around 14% (-1)
Arms (Tensed) 14 inches (same)
Chest (tensed) 44 inches (-0.5)
Waist 34.25 inches (-0.75)

Most of my fat is around my waist so ideally, most of my losses will come from that area. My chest/back is a little soft too so I can afford to lose a little from that area but not too much (an indication that you’re losing muscle). Arms + Chest measurements should stay stable while the rest decrease.

workout log no nonsense

Want to do what I did in 8 weeks?

Are you ready to make massive changes to your physique now?

If so visit Vince Delmonte’s website and check the Ebook I’m using in my workout log to make this amazing transformation!


DAY 9 – 12/1/09

Wow – Tonight was punishing!! I tried some more HIIT training today and I managed the same amount of intervals as I did on Day 1. Not good.

To punish myself I attended a circuit class and worked so hard, I felt like everybody in the class was going to see what I had for dinner earlier! A great workout though.

Diet was good apart from the waiter at the cafe who put cheese inside my jacket potato without my asking! Then thought he’d deflect his mistake by laughing and saying ‘Don’t be silly, you don’t need to be on a strict diet! It’s nice with cheese!’. He acted as though he did me a favour. >:(

Anyway that’s my rant for the day! Until tomorrow..

DAY 10 – 13/1/09

I’ve been getting a bit of insomnia recently. I’ve been finding it really hard to sleep. Also, due to my increased water intake I keep getting woke up by my pestering bladder who wants emptying at 3-4 o’clock in the morning! My gym shifts are up and down too so that doesn’t help with my bodyclock.

I must set a goal to get to bed by 10pm tonight! Did a weight’s workout from Vince’s No Nonsense Muscle Building and Fat Cutting Ebooks

Feeling good but still sore from that ridiculous circuit training class!

DAY 11 – 14/1/09

Apologies for not updating this for a few days but I suffered an injury at work today that luckily only effected my training for a couple of days. (so far anyway!)

Don’t want to go into too much detail as to what the injury is. It’s work related and you never know who is reading your page! 😉

Couldn’t train today but kept my diet clean!

DAY 12 – 15/1/09

Today I was still feeling the effects of my injury but I just couldn’t not train. Although I couldn’t train with any kind of intensity that i’m used to, I did complete a light jog on the road just to keep things moving.

Diet today was also clean – I’m not finding it as hard as I thought. It’s all or nothing with me. Either I train and diet 100% or nothing at all! 🙂

DAY 13 – 16/1/09

My injury felt ok today, even though I was still aware of it. I plan to play indoor football tonight so I guess that will reveal whether I’m 100% or not.

Well, I played football (or soccer) and I felt about 80% so it could have been worse. I also consider my indoor football a HIIT workout considering you are constantly sprinting and stopping in intervals.

My diet was good apart from my dinner, which although I planned to be healthy (Honest!!) by ordering a chicken shish kebab, the shop owner YET AGAIN screwed up my order by giving me a lamb shish!?

What the hell is it with shop/cafe owners trying to sabotage my efforts! I should have noticed that he put the lamb on the grill to be fair so I didn’t complain. I must have been in a world of my own.

DAY 14 – 17/1/09

Today was my first cheat day in 2 weeks. I think I earned it, plus it was one of my colleagues leaving party so I timed the cheat day to perfection.

We had an Italian (I feel embaressed to say I ordered a burger at an Italian restaurant..but at least the bread was Italian!) and I also consumed a modest amount of Jack Daniels and diet coke. (The diet coke cancels everything out surely!?) 🙂

DAY 15 – 18/1/09

Ok, I’m glad my cheat day is behind me and I got it out of my system. I think I went a bit overboard yesterday so I will just have a cheat ‘meal’ on Saturday’s from now on – rather than a cheat ‘day’.

I suppose it doesn’t help when the cheat day is just before my photo update either! Anyway, here goes..>

Week 2 stats 18/01/09
Height: 5ft 9ins
Weight 74kg or 163lbs (-1kg)
Bodyfat: Around 13% (-1%)
Arms (Tensed) 14 inches (same)
Chest (tensed) 43.5 inches (-0.5)
Waist 34 1/8 inches (-1/8 inches)

The stats are strange. I would have thought my waist measurement would have been much less than it was. Everything else is on target. The picture also shows me with a tighter middle and a flatter stomach which i’m pleased about. (Spot the difference – The beard is gone too! I couldn’t go to a party with that thing lol)

Overall, I’m pleased with the progress so far but I will need to get more off of my waistline next week if I’m to stay on target.

Goals this week –

1) Drink more water

2) Reduce carbs by at least 25 grams per day

3) Increase my intervals on the treadmill

workout log no nonsense

Want to do what I did in 8 weeks?

Are you ready to make massive changes to your physique now?

If so visit Vince Delmonte’s website and check the Ebook I’m using in my workout log to make this amazing transformation!


DAY 16 – 19/1/09

Man, I’m so angry today. Again, my intervals suffered and I couldn’t even get to where I was on day 1. Something is definitely not right with my glutes (butt) and hips. They get sore really quickly as I’m running and this forces me to bail on my intervals.

I have booked a deep tissue massage for Thursday and will stretch more so than I did last week (add that to my list of goals). Hopefully, that helps. I’m also ordering some new running shoes because I think these have had it and aren’t absorbing the impact anymore.

Punished myself with a circuit class again. Not happy! >:(

DAY 17 – 20/1/09

Feeling good today. Just had a back workout from Vince’s No Nonsense Muscle Building and Fat Cutting Ebooks that felt really good. It was killer but I much prefer pushing weights.

Diet is on track too. Had a white coffee though which I should probably cut out.

DAY 18 – 21/1/09

(Apologies for the delay in updating my log, I’ve been working on a new look for my site. Watch this space!)

My diet was great today. However, something strange is happening. My weight has crept back up slightly to around 74.5-75kg.

This worried me but when I got home my worry turned into delight as I found my waist measurement to be 33 and 3/4 inches. So I’d lost fat AND gained a bit of muscle. That has never happened to me before. Hopefully I can ride this wave to the end!

Unfortunately, my cardio workout was awful today. I got crazy shin pumps and resorted to just walking for 30 minutes on the treadmill. Something’s not right but I have a sports massage tomorrow. I’m amazed that I’m seeing results when my cardio performance has been so poor..

DAY 19 – 22/1/09

Had a small chest workout before my massage today. It felt great and the masseuse detected a weak lower back and very tight traps. (I kinda knew that).

I must admit that as I left, I didn’t think that it would make much difference to my problem as my legs weren’t really addressed…

DAY 20 – 23/1/09

Played football (soccer) today for an hour to serve as my cardio intervals. Had a good game apart from the fact that I fluffed a million chances with my banana foot!!

The massage is seemingly helping! My legs felt good during and after the game.

Diet is still on point.

DAY 21 – 24/1/09

Rest day today.

Learnt from last weeks mistake and just had one cheat meal during the day. (A chinese if you’re curious!)

DAY 22 – 25/1/09

Strangely, I havn’t lost any weight this week. In fact I put on half a kg but my waist measurement went down considerably! I’ve never managed to burn fat AND build muscle before but I suspect (and hope) that may be what has happened.

Then again, my genetics aren’t great so I could just be holding some extra water in my body from the chinese yesterday. Whatever it is, i’m not complaining if my waist measurement keeps going down!

workout log

Week 3 stats 25/01/09
Height: 5ft 9ins
Weight 74.5kg or 164lbs (+0.5kg)
Bodyfat: Around 12% (-1%)
Arms (Tensed) 14 inches (same)
Chest (tensed) 43 inches (-0.5)
Waist 33 1/4 inches (-7/8 inch)

From the picture, you can see my top two abs just trying to creep out. Maybe next week we’ll see them! 🙂

I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing next week because my waist measurement is still going down as are my bodyfat levels.

workout log no nonsense

Want to do what I did in 8 weeks?

Are you ready to make massive changes to your physique now?

If so visit Vince Delmonte’s website and check the Ebook I’m using in my workout log to make this amazing transformation!


DAY 23 – 26/1/09

My interval run went a little bit better today, but still nowhere near where it was! Went to the circuit class again afterwards to complete the workout! That finished me for the night..!

My diet is still on point. In fact, my diet is probably the best it’s ever been 🙂

DAY 24 – 27/1/09

Did a chest workout today from Vince’s No-Nonsense E-book. It went well, particularly because I still havn’t lost any strength!

DAY 25 – 28/1/09

Did a back workout and a steady low-intensity (apparently!) run today. Again, I was getting pretty sore in my shins and legs quite quickly. I’m wondering if I’m maybe training my fast twitch muscle fibers too much and neglecting my slow twitch? (You’ll find out about those in Vince’s Ebook)

I have seemingly lost quite a bit of long distance endurance. (I’m not too worried about that as it’s the sprinters physique I’m aiming for anyway)

I just hope this doesn’t effect my results! We’ll see at the end of the week..

DAY 26 – 29/1/09

Had a much needed day off from work and training today. Kept my diet consistent and clean. Nothing major to report!

DAY 27 – 30/1/09

Again, I did my cardio training in the form of football tonight. The game was awful and our team were bickering like a bunch of school kids but that’s a common theme for Friday night football.

The positive was that I ran my heart out and got a great workout! Then I did an impromtu bodyweight circuit in the gym with 2 of my friends after the game.

I felt ok apart from my lats (back) being a little sore still – my muscles probably needed the rest and that was a mistake on my part!

DAY 28 – 31/1/09

Unfortunately, it was a good friend’s birthday tonight and we went out clubbing – I planned to have a few drinks that night so I kept my diet squeaky clean during the day.

We had a great night and partied hard but I drank too much. I’ve made a conscious decision not to drink until my 8 weeks are over. I can’t think of any other of my good friend’s birthdays coming up..

DAY 29 – 1/2/09

I didn’t get to take progress pictures today unfortunately. I’ve had a pretty busy day so apologies for that. I could have taken them Monday but I would like to keep the pictures consistent and on a weekly basis.

My stats are as follows:

Week 4 stats 1/02/09
Height: 5ft 9ins
Weight 73.75kg or 162.5lbs (-0.75kg)
Bodyfat: Around 11.5% (-0.5%)
Arms (Tensed) 14 inches (same)
Chest (tensed) 42.75 inches (-0.25)
Waist 33 inches (-1/4 inch)

My weight has gone down a fair amount this week but my waist and bodyfat only went down a little. So I’m going to adjust my diet slightly and intensify my training.

workout log no nonsense

Want to do what I did in 8 weeks?

Are you ready to make massive changes to your physique now?

If so visit Vince Delmonte’s website and check the Ebook I’m using in my workout log to make this amazing transformation!


DAY 30 – 2/2/09

Ahh man!! I’m snowed in today!! Couldn’t get to work as my car broke down and there was no transport what so ever!

I guess London isn’t used to dealing with snow. This probably would have been considered a minor tinkle of snow for Russia!

That effected my training because I couldn’t leave the house.

Diet was good – From now on if I don’t mention my diet, that means it is going well. I’ve got my diet pretty much nailed 🙂

DAY 31 – 3/2/09

Managed to get into work today eventually! There is still tons of snow where I live..

I made up for my lack of training today by doing both my HIIT training today as well as a chest workout afterwards. This isn’t ideal but I had to make modifications.

I’m using a new HIIT protocol at the moment where I have shortened my work intervals but increased the intensity during them! It worked really well and completely finished me!

DAY 32 – 4/2/09

Did a low intensity run today. Went well. Improved my time which was a positive. The only thing killing me is that I’m at work for around 12 hours a day at the moment including my overtime and training!

DAY 33 – 5/2/09

Did a back and arms workout today. Felt nice and strong. My pull-ups are getting easier and easier the more weight and fat I’m losing which is a good thing.

DAY 34 – 6/2/09

Played football/soccer tonight as usual for my interval sprints. Man I have a bent foot – Couldn’t shoot worth a thing tonight 😀 nevermind…I got a good workout!

DAY 35 – 7/2/09

Didn’t have a cheat day today! I was as good as gold. In fact I recently bought a WII Fit and had a little mess around on that!

I wouldn’t consider it a full training session but I kept active all the same! It’s a lot of fun too!

DAY 36 – 8/2/09

Well, I finally started losing size on my arms today which isn’t ideal but it was only a matter of time for me! I’m surprised I went this long on a fat cutting cycle without seeing a reduction in arm size!

I’m still pretty pleased with the progress though. The picture shows how far I’ve come since Week 1 and my waist is looking trim.

I’m taking off my body hair next week because it’s difficult to see the minute changes taking place with a full set of the finest neanderthal hair covering me!

My stats are below. As far as my goal weight and waist measurements go, if we go by my predicted losses of 1kg a week and an inch off my waist per week, then it doesn’t look like I’m going to make it to my goal of 70kg and a 30 inch waist…but I will come pretty darn close and as long as I like what I see staring back at me in the mirror, I’ll be happy with what I’ve achieved.

workout log

Week 5 stats 08/01/09
Height: 5ft 9ins
Weight 72.5kg or 160lbs (-1.25kg)
Bodyfat: Around 11% (-0.5%)
Arms (Tensed) 13 7/8 inches (- 1/8)
Chest (tensed) 42.5 inches (-0.25)
Waist 32.5 inches (-1/2 inch)

workout log no nonsense

Want to do what I did in 8 weeks?

Are you ready to make massive changes to your physique now?

If so visit Vince Delmonte’s website and check the Ebook I’m using in my workout log to make this amazing transformation!


DAY 37 – 9/2/09

Had a great training session tonight. Progressed with my new intervals and I also did Circuit Training. I didn’t struggle like I thought I would after my intervals. It’s a great feeling when you realise you’re getting fit!

DAY 38 – 10/2/09

Had a chest and shoulders workout today. A good session. I feel like I’m losing a tiny amount of strength but nothing major. Can really start seeing the results in the mirror now. The abs are dying to come through, you can see it 🙂

DAY 39 – 11/2/09

My low intensity run was good tonight. I felt fit but (and perhaps you don’t want to know this!) a desperate trip to the toilet split my run in to 2 parts 😛

Either way, I still completed the run

DAY 40 – 12/2/09

Back workout today – Getting even better at pull-ups! Can’t wait to start packing on some serious muscle once this fat cutting stage is over though!

DAY 41 – 13/2/09

There was no football on today unfortunately due to the pitches being booked in advance for a tournament 🙁 It was also my day off today so I could have got extremely lazy BUT that wouldn’t be productive for my goal, would it? 😉

I have a boxing bag in my back garden and did 9 x 2 minute rounds on the bag! (with 1 minute rests in between). So, I still got my intervals done today. All it takes is a bit of imagination!

I also went out for a friend’s birthday tonight (I was mistaken when I thought there were no more Birthday’s left!) but I didn’t drink. We hit the Casino and lady luck was on my side 🙂 I came out of a Casino for the first time with a positive balance!

DAY 42 – 14/2/09

Valentines Day today..I had a good one. (Yes, today was left purposely vague with minimum information 😉

Today did include a cheat meal though!

DAY 43 – 15/2/09

I lost more size on my arms today. It’s not too obvious from the pictures. In fact, everyone is telling me that my arms look bigger and get shocked when I tell them I’ve actually lost size.

The great thing about cutting the fat is that you then LOOK bigger to everybody else because all of your definition comes through! That makes it all worth while.

I look bigger in my picture today too! Trimming my body hair will have something to do with it because that brings out more definition but it’s also likely that I look bigger because I’ve trimmed off most of the fat from my body, exposing my muscles.

The abs aren’t fully there yet. In my experience, they normally show up when I get to around the 30-31 inch waist mark. Next week for sure!

workout log

Week 6 stats 15/02/09
Height: 5ft 9ins
Weight 71.5kg or 157.5lbs (-1kg)
Bodyfat: Around 10.5% (-0.5%)
Arms (Tensed) 13 3/4 inches (- 1/8)
Chest (tensed) 42.25 inches (-0.25)
Waist 31.75 inches (-1/2 inch)

workout log no nonsense

Want to do what I did in 8 weeks?

Are you ready to make massive changes to your physique now?

If so visit Vince Delmonte’s website and check the Ebook I’m using in my workout log to make this amazing transformation!


DAY 44 – 16/2/09

I’ve taken the carbs in my diet right down and plan to keep them low for the last 2 weeks. I will have carb up days every 3 days.

Wish me luck!! I love my food so this is going to be difficult for me but it’s just 2 weeks of my life. The results will be well worth it.

Did my interval running today. I think the low carb diet effected me because I didn’t have much energy at all. Managed to do the same amount of cardio as last week. I attended the circuit class afterwards as well.

DAY 45 – 17/2/09

The low carbs are taking their toll on me already! I have low energy and feel really irritable.

Just another 12 days to go! Strangely, my strength wasn’t down during my weights session today even though I felt like crap!

DAY 46 – 18/2/09

Did a low intensity cardio run today. This low carb diet is really effecting my energy during training! My muscles are starting to look a bit flat too!

During my carb up tomorrow, they should start to look full again. Can’t wait to get more carbs in my system!

DAY 47 – 19/2/09

Carbs, beautiful carbs!! Never thought I’d be so happy to get some carbohydrates back into my body.

I feel great today. Had a weight’s workout too which went very well.

DAY 48 – 20/2/09

Back to low carbs again today! If I have to eat one more chicken breast I’m going to go insane! Salads and green tea have been my saving grace during these difficult times.

It’s amazing the new foods you discover when you have limited options.

Played football today. Had a good game. It was extremely fast paced but my energy wasn’t there. This was to be expected due to my restricted diet.

DAY’s 50 and 51 – 21-22/2/09

Kept my diet very strict this weekend. It ended up being ANOTHER friend’s birthday on Saturday. Boy was I mistaken when I thought there were no more birthday’s!

I just stuck to sugar free Red Bulls.

Here are my stats:
workout log

Week 7 stats 22/02/09
Height: 5ft 9ins
Weight 70.5kg or 155lbs (-1kg)
Bodyfat: Around 10% (-0.5%)
Arms (Tensed) 13 1/2 inches (- 1/4)
Chest (tensed) 42 inches (-0.25)
Waist 31.25 inches (-1/2 inch)

I’ve unfortunately lost another 1/4 inch on my arms but I’m happy that they still don’t look out of place. My goal is to maintain them at this size until the end of week 8.

My waist and weight has gone down. Still dissapointed that my abs aren’t as prominent as they have been in the past. Hopefully next week they’ll be out in full force. One week to go!

workout log no nonsense

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DAY 52 – 23/2/09

Wow, my low carb diet is really hurting my training. I couldn’t reach the amount of intervals I did last week. Low carb diet’s aren’t usually something I practice.

I’m not sure ‘low carb’ is for me if my training is going to suffer this much. I’ve managed to get rid of my bodyfat just fine in the past eating carbs as I normally do.

DAY 53 – 24/2/09

Did a weight session today. I felt strong! I’m really happy with my strength during this cutting phase. I usually lose a lot more. Yup, still on the low carbs! 5 days and counting!

Week 8 – DAY 54 – 25/2/09

Decided to do more intervals today instead of low intensity (boring!) cardio. Instead I managed 10 x 2 minute intervals on the punch bag! (1 minute rest between intervals)

Shattering, but much more fun!

DAY 55 – 26/2/09

Another good weight session today. Nothing special to report. I’m still on track to reach my target!

DAY 56 – 27/2/09

Had a cardiac rehab course today. (I’m working towards training people with heart disease) It was pretty intense and by the end of the day my brain was fried!

However, I did catch a train to work afterwards and had a good game of football for my interval training.

DAY 57 – 28/2/09

Was Day 2 of the cardiac rehabilitation course today. It was intense but very interesting!

Went out tonight but didn’t drink a drop of alcohol! I like this new leaf I’ve seemingly turned over! Tomorrow is cruch time..


Ok so here goes! I think I did pretty well and I’m quite proud of what I have achieved in 8 weeks 🙂
workout log

Week 8 stats 29/02/09
Height: 5ft 9ins
Weight 69kg or 150lbs (-1.5kg)
Bodyfat: Around 9% (-1%)
Arms (Tensed) 13 1/2 inches (same)
Chest (tensed) 42 inches (same)
Waist 30.5 inches (-3/4 inch)

I believe I reached all of my goals. Apart from the waist measurement which was half an inch higher than I wanted it to be.

I’m not going to beat myself up over that because I think you’ll agree that the difference in 8 weeks is immense.

I’ve kept the pictures real and tried to use the same lighting and poses throughout. I wanted to make this a REAL transformation unlike the one’s you see in magazines where the person is oiled up to the max, in perfect lighting, has just had a workout with his muscles all pumped up and is tensing so hard that it makes him look like he’s smiling. (when in actual fact he’s grimacing!)

I just wanted to show you what can be achieved in 8 weeks with a bit of knowledge and the desire to apply it.

If I lost 7 kg (15 lbs), 5 inches off my waistline and 7% bodyfat in 8 weeks with poor genetics…Then how much can you achieve in 8 weeks?

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