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Guggulsterone / Guggulsterones Information – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

Guggulsterone / Guggulsterones Information

What Are They?

Guggulsterones are compounds derived from the “Gum Guggul” plant that grows in India. Sounds like a joke right?? Nope! The plant is also known as Commiphora Mukul.

Despite the funny name, Guggulsterone (s) are a potent thyroid stimulator that increase your metabolic rate! This makes Guggulsterones a good option for those looking to lose weight fast and drop bodyfat.

Guggul also has two extra benefits if the above wasn’t already enough! Guggul helps with the users complexion and also has a favourable effect on total cholestrol levels and the ratio of good cholestrol to bad cholestrol!

That’s a pretty good CV!

How Do Guggulsterone (s) work?

Unlike other popular supplements that work on the central nervous system (such as Ephedrine and Caffeine), Guggul works to stimulate the thyroid gland.

It does this by naturally stimulating the release of thyroid hormones which will increase your metabolic rate and help you to burn more calories, even at rest!

This effect is particularly helpful during a restricted diet where your metabolic rate will be naturally slowed down making it difficult to lose further weight!

Who Would Benefit Most?

Of course, anybody who is looking to lose weight and burn fat as part of a healthy lifestyle can benefit.

Furthermore, users who experience side effects with CNS fat loss supplements can benefit from the milder Guggul. (However, the ultimate benefit is to be had by combining Guggulsterone with other CNS stimulating fat loss supplements as you’ll be attacking your fat cells from all angles and accelerating the fat loss process!)

Finally, as I mentioned earlier, Guggul has a fantastic effect on skin complexion and was even shown to be more potent than some anti-biotics for treating acne! Couple that with its cholestrol controlling benefits and you have a supplement in Guggul with a huge upside!

What Are The Recommended Dosages?

Dosages of 20-60mgs should be taken around 3 times per day. (But try to find a product with the highest possible % of naturally extracted Guggul – 10% or above is about right)

Side Effects?

If you have good quality Guggul, you’ll experience a rise in body temperature. This is completely normal and lets you know that you have purchased a quality product which is increasing your metabolic rate.

Other than that, Guggulsterone is known as one of the safest fat loss supplements on the market!

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