Foods High in Vitamin K

You can find a great variety of foods that are high in Vitamin K. Vitamin K is considered to be a “fat soluble” vitamin. Meaning, that Vitamin K foods that are ingested are absorbed through the intestinal tract with the help of fats. Vitamin K should be consumed often, as it is an important part of your body.

foods high in vitamin kHowever, remember that fat soluble vitamins are more easily stored and accumulated in the body than are water soluble vitamins. This leads to a greater chance of toxicity so be aware of how much you are consuming and stick to daily recommended guidelines (120 micrograms for Vit K)

Vitamin K helps when you have an injury that you are bleeding from. It helps the blood to “Coagulate”, so when the blood gets sticky and clots around a cut, now you know why!

Now, onto the foods high in vitamin k! This is a short list that is in order of how much Vitamin K is present in the food (Highest is top of the list)

  • Spinach/Collards/Turnips
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Soya Beans
  • Cauliflour
  • Cabbage/Broccoli
  • Beef Liver
  • Wheat Bran

There are other foods high in vitamin k too but obviously from that list, the most common way for you to get a good amount of Vitamin K in your system is through green leaves.

Spinach, collards, and turnip greens are rich in Vitamin K. So, if you are getting enough of these you probably won’t need to supplement with Vitamin K. You can get your boost by eating some of these great green leaf products.

It is possible to suffer from a deficiency in your body, even if you are consuming foods high in vitamin k. There may be multiple problems that you will have to address before you see any effect of your Vitamin K.

Most common reasons for deficiency:

  • 1. Your antibiotics may be interfering with the bacteria.
  • 2. Liver damage or disease.
  • 3. Serious burns.
  • 4. Chronic Diarrhea.

All of these signs could show a deficiency in your system. Most of the time, your body will produce enough Vitamin K for your system – But that extra boost can always give you some help.

Remember to start eating those green vegetables, if you’re not already. It may not be a hugely talked about and remembered vitamin, but your body still needs it.

Also, remember, that Vitamin K can be found in most multivitamins supplements. So be sure to check around the net and look for some reputable products – Multivitamins are cheap and beneficial to everybody in this day and age where most of our foods are stripped and refined of all vitamins and nutrients.

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