RULE 4 – Tracking and Measuring Your Muscle Building or Weight Loss Progress!

Hey I hope you are keeping up with the 5 day course and implementing what you’ve learned! Or at least preparing to! Remember to take action otherwise your results will be left waiting too! If you haven’t looked at Rules’s 1, 2 and 3 yet for muscle building and fat loss , you can do so by clicking on the relevant number.

Rule 4 is all about tracking your progress – On paper, this doesn’t sound too important but as this report goes on hopefully you’ll realise just how important it really is in order for you to reach your goals.

So, Why do we need to track Our Muscle Building and Weight Loss Progress?

1) You should be tracking your workouts EVERY time you
go to the gym.

Most gyms provide you with programs on cards that can be tracked but fail to explain why and how important it is to track your workouts.

Members of these gyms end up seeing the program card as an inconvenience and when they have memorized their workout, will never refer to the card again – BIG mistake.

You see the reason we track is so that we know exactly what we did in our last workout – a workout which we will then need to progress from if we want to see results!

If you can’t remember exactly what you did last time (and there are too many variables for you to commit to
memory! Reps, sets, rest periods, speed, incline, level – Can you memorize all of these things for each exercise??) – Then how do you expect to progress?
That’s right you won’t progress – because you will probably be doing the same thing over and over again! (In Rule 5 we’ll go into more about how quickly the body adapts if you keep doing the same thing)

And when you are doing the same thing over and over again, the body has NO REASON TO CHANGE! So if you are doing the same thing week in week out you will NOT see any results.

This is called adaptation – The body has adapted to the stress you have put on it and your exercise is now considered a normal activity for the body.

The best example of this I can give you is if you are a gym member — Have you noticed those people who have been going to the gym for years and STILL look the same?

Notice how they always do the same thing every time they come to the gym at the same leisurely intensity level? They are not progressing and their body has adapted to what they regularly do. In fact it adapted a LONNNNNG time ago for these people.

If you don’t track, you don’t progress – If you don’t progress, you don’t see results – Simple eh?

So now we know how important it is to track, WHAT do we need to be tracking?

3 Things are a must!

  • 1) Your workouts
  • 2) Your nutrition
  • 3) Your measurements/statistics

Let’s start with your workouts – You must write down ALL of the variables for your workouts.

If you’re lifting weights – Things like the number of sets you performed, the weight you lifted, the rest you had in between all need to be noted.

If you’re doing cardiovascular work i.e bike/treadmill etc  – Your speed needs to be noted, your time needs to be noted, your level or incline needs to be noted. If you’re doing interval training, your work and rest intervals need to be noted too.

Then, take your notes with you to your next workout and try to beat your score in at least one variable!

Example – If you did 3×10 reps with 50kg weight. Try
and do 3×11 reps with 50kg weight next time.

I’m one of the only people in my gym that carries a scrappy little notebook with me and people often jest that I’m taking it too seriously but I’m also one of the only people I know who progresses on a consistent basis! Does putting yourself through all that hard work and not seeing progress sound like fun? Not to me! So I’ll keep walking around with my scrappy lil book and I advise you to do the same.
Nutrition – Your nutrition is something that needs to be tracked, especially in the beginning. You will not be aware of how much food and how many calories/macronutrients the food you’re eating contains.

It is important to write down what you eat, at what time and what the food consists of (calories, protein, carbs, fat).

Once you are used to what you eat and you know what a portion size looks like, you’ll be able to estimate without tracking – After all, who wants to be weighing each item of their food before they eat it? Not me! For fat loss, however, you may want to be a little stricter.
Measurements/Statistics – These are very important to track on a weekly basis (not daily otherwise you’ll drive yourself insane).

Depending on your goal you will want to measure your weight and certain bodyparts. A bodyfat measurement is also desirable, especially if you’re trying to lose fat.

However, bodyfat measurement techniques are quite expensiveand the ones which are not, aren’t very accurate.

If you’re taking bodypart measurements, take measurements from large muscle groups if you’re trying to build muscle such as the chest/back, upper legs and yes, you can measure your arms! (Vanity muscles!)

If you’re trying to lose weight, I’ve found taking bodypart measurements from where you most hold on to fat to be most helpful.
Examples are the waist, thighs, calves, arms and back. (but remember you are trying to hold on to muscle!)

If your bodypart measurements are not increasing/decreasing, then something needs to change!
Either there’s a problem with your workout or your nutrition!

Hopefully this has opened your eyes to how important tracking your progress really is to achieving your results! It still amazes me how most people still don’t track their progress so don’t be one of those people. You want to see progress and you can’t see that if you don’t track!
Get yourself a diary and start scribbling!

The final day of your course is RULE 5 and will be
about body adaptations and the need for progression.

By now you’ve almost got all of the principles you need to start seeing results! All you’ll need now are just specifics such as workouts, diet plans, exercises etc andthat’s where picking up a muscle gaining or fat loss program can be beneficial.

The two programs I recommend the most on my blog to achieve your goals fast are located in the right sidebar of my blog at the top of the page. Check them out by clicking on the banners.

I hope you decide to take your destiny into your own hands and take action today!

To your continued success – Believe in yourself!




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