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How to Build Chest Muscle Fast – LoseWeightBuildMuscles.com

How to Build Chest Muscle Fast

Part 1 – By Altug Kop

Welcome to this 2 part article where we’ll be looking at the most common mistakes made when trying to build chest muscle fast! Then we take a look at ways to remedy these errors to get you back on the muscle building train to Muscle Town! (Yepp, I like cheese!)

Let’s be honest, the chest is another ‘vanity’ muscle that every guy wants to have and will pound away at them relentlessly from every single angle imaginable, 5 days a week in order to build chest muscle fast as possible!

This is mistake number 1…...

Training the Chest Too Frequently

I had a skinny friend a while ago who wanted to train with me and his exact goals were; ‘I just want a bigger chest and arms’. (I always chuckle at the thought of how ridiculous somebody would look having massive arms, a huge chest mimicking a plate of armour with tiny shoulders, back and legs).

I told him that was fine but he’d need to train his other areas to avoid postural imbalances, to gain as much muscle as possible and most importantly so that his body didn’t make him look like a complete idiot.

So everytime we trained he would go off after a set of squats or deadlifts and do a bench press or a chest press. When he would return I’d ask him what he was doing and his reply was the same, ‘I want to focus more on arms and chest’.

I’m going to tell you the exact same thing that I told him; If you keep pounding away at your chest and arms before you have recovered you WILL NOT build muscle fast! In fact you won’t even build muscle slow. You build muscle OUTSIDE of the gym during your recovery period, not inside it!

This is usually a hard concept to grasp for beginners but trust me you’ll be happy to embrace it immediately because not only will you have more time in your life, you’ll see better results and build chest muscle fast!

ANSWER : Train the chest as frequently as every other muscle group – giving it at least 72 hours up to a week to recover (depending on which training protocol you’re following)

Mistake number 2 is….

Training the Chest With Too Many Isolation Exercises

If I had a penny for the amount of times I see guys and girls training their chest with sets upon sets of flyes or cable crossovers I’d be filthy rich! The reason most of them will give me when I ask why, is that they ‘feel the burn’ more with these exercises.

Ok, fair enough but since when did a ‘burn’ equate to muscular growth? Sure it feels like you’ve had a hard workout but that’s just due to the lactic acid build up.

These exercises don’t do much compared with your bread and butter chest exercises: Heavy bench presses and heavy dumbell presses. These are chest exercises where you will be able to handle more weight which in turn will stimulate a much better muscle growth response and a better metabolic response (burn more calories) because you’re using more muscle groups like the triceps and anterior delt (front shoulder).

Don’t forget, if you’re lifting heavier you’ll be producing more testosterone which is highly anabolic (muscle building!). Ditch the isolation exercises or at least use them sparingly.

ANSWER : To build chest muscle fast use big compound exercises like bench presses or dumbell presses

mistake number 3 is…

Not Training Your Legs

‘What?! Have you lost your mind Altug?’, I hear you say. What the fudge does training your legs have to do with building up your chest? They’re not even near each other!

Mistake number 3 is continued in part 2 of ” How to Build Chest Muscle Fast “ so keep your eyes peeled and in the meantime keep working on carving out that chiseled chest you desire.

Thanks for reading

Your friend and coach


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Having formerly been a stick thin, skinny guy AND a chubby teen – He now helps people on a daily basis to achieve their life long fitness goals and lead a healthier, more fulfilled lifestyle.

Altug currently works full time in a London Gym as a Fitness Manager with an Advanced Level 3 Fitness Professional qualification amongst many others.

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