L-Glutamine Review and Glutamine Facts / Information

What is L – Glutamine?

Glutamine is only the most abbundant amino acid in the body! Around 60% of all free-form amino acids in your skeletal muscle are L-Glutamine – Most of which is used up by the small intestines and your immune system.

L-Glutamine has a hand in protein metabolism, optimum immune system function and brain function.

Above all else, it has anti-catabolic properties – Basically meaning that it spares your hard earned muscles from being broken down.

How Does L – Glutamine Work?

If we have so much Glutamine in our skeletal muscle then why do we need to supplement??

That’s because Glutamine is massively depleted during intense training by our small intestine and our immune system. It stays at this low level for many hours. These low levels of Glutamine can reduce strength, recovery times and your stamina.

Supplementing with Glutamine may :

Increase Growth Hormone Levels

Help to volumize muscle cells

Maintain muscle mass during a cutting stage / diet

Boost immune system

These are all positive attributes of Glutamine, however, the studies around Glutamine are quite iffy and not entirely conclusive. Growth Hormone release was definitely seen but the other listed benefits were inconclusive.

It’s definitely a supplement worth trying because L-Glutamine plays a very important role in your body. You can make a better judgement after giving it a try.

Who Would Benefit Most?

It’s tempting to say everybody but to keep it relevant – Bodybuilders and anybody looking to maintain their muscle mass whilst dropping body fat would benefit the most from L-Glutamine supplementation.

What are the doses?

Most reputable companies dealing in Glutamine offer tubs in the 100, 500 or 1000 grams range with each serving being about 5 grams.

Recommended daily intake is 10-20 grams per day spread out over 3 or 4 doses.

Side Effects?

None, apart from the rare occurance of upset stomachs, which can be countered by taking less per serving or less Glutamine overall – Glutamine has been reported and studied as being totally safe.

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