Nitric Oxide Information and Supplement Facts

What is NO Nitric Oxide?

Don’t worry this isn’t going to have the same effect on your body as the NOS they use to super charge their cars in Fast and Furious! (some companies product names make you think you’re buying motor oil, rather than an NO supplement!) You won’t be bouncing off the walls but you may experience great muscle pumps!

Nitric Oxide is a free form gas which is used to communicate messages around the body from cell to cell.

It is produced as the body converts the amino acid, L-arginine into L-citruline. The group of enzymes responsible for this conversion is called NOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase)

How Does NO Nitric Oxide Work?

Science lesson is over! On to the good stuff!

Nitric oxide basically works by increasing the blood flow to the muscles – In turn this will deliver more nutrients to your muscles while they’re under stress which would ultimately help them to become larger!

This increased blood flow also helps to regulate the activities of vital organs like the brain, kidneys, lungs etc!

Supplemented Nitric Oxide can be bought on its own, normally in pill form (Arginine being the main ingredient) BUT the more popular NO supplements are in powder form and contain other ingredients which have a synergistic effect. E.G. Vitamins, caffeine, creatine etc.

As a side benefit, it’s a fantastic ‘vanity’ supplement. The muscular pump achieved from supplementing with Nitric Oxide will stay with you for hours! Rather than the mere minutes it normally takes for your muscle pump to dissapear.

Before that image of shirt popping, pumped up arms has you frantically searching for NO products, control your muscle building ego for a teeny bit longer – We havn’t quite finished with nitric oxide 🙂

Who Would Benefit Most?

Deficiency of Nitric Oxide can mean weakness and a constant feeling of exhaustion! Something we do not want if we’re trying to build muscle fast or lose weight fast.

Everyone needs nitric oxide to carry out important functions within the body.

People following a muscle building program would benefit the most from supplementing with NO due to it’s blood flow increasing properties which will help deliver more nutrients to aid their growth.

What are the doses?

There aren’t really any clear cut guidelines on NO dosage however your product of choice will provide advice on the packaging.

Products normally recommend taking a low dose for a week to assess your tolerance/benefits/side effects and then gradually build up until the optimal benefit is seen (without the side effects of course)

Side Effects?

The main ingredient in Nitric Oxide is the amino acid, arginine.

Ingesting too much of this has been known to cause diarhoea and nausea. Some may also feel weak and tired. Assesing your tolerance will help you to avoid any side effects of NO.

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